Monday, November 17, 2008

Taka's Update Nov. 17th 2008

Taka’s Update November 17 2008

This week Fish
Oh my God, only 10 days to Thanksgiving Day. It is very fast than I expect. Christmas is coming in 40days and 2009 is coming 46 days. Tuna supply is not bad. I can get good one at least once a week. All other fish are fine.

Bring Bento box?
According to the survey, 36% of Japanese office workers bring lunch box( we call it bento box) from their home and try to save money. It was only 10% a year ago. Many people reduce eating restaurants for lunch. Their budget is $6.09 average and Tokyo is $6.73.

Do not go to Nebraska to dump your children.
A governor of Nebraska complained about people , they dumped their children in Nebraska. Under the new law in July this year, 35 babies and children were dumped in Nebraska. Actually, they left them and went to somewhere. So the governor said “Please don’t bring your children to leave.”

Have you seen paper packed wines?
Italy started to make paper packed wines in August. It is juts like milk or juice. But they are arguing about this paper package. A good reason is economical because of weight is light and can reduce CO2. A bad reason is it is not like wine and wine should use glass bottle for keeping tradition and dignity. I saw many sake is sold with paper packs in Japan.

Healthy city and unhealthy city
This is from CDC report.
The most healthy city in the US is Burlington, VA. 92 % of residents are good healthy condition. The rating of obesity and diabetes are lowest.
The most unhealthy city in the US is Huntington, WV. Less exercise and high rate of smoking bring this city to the worst. But this is just CDC’s data. Deep South is really problem. Many people don’t care for their health.
Eat bad food and a lots, smoke cigarette and drug, drink soft drinks and alcohol a lots drive cars everywhere and walk less.
People think good food is expensive, yes maybe. But they need to know, they need to pay more than that in the future when they get sick.

How many Japanese smoke?
This is Japan Tobacco Co’s research It is 25.7% and worst ever, 13 years straight down. Japanese men’s smoking rate is 39.5% , this is the first time below 40% since 1965. Japanese women ‘s rate is 12.9% and 0.2 % up. 47.8% of 40’s men are smoking and 19.3% of 30’s women are smoking.

Holiday Info
We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

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