Monday, October 6, 2008

Taka's Update October 6th 2008

Taka’s Update October 6th 2008

This week fish.I have good tuna today and will come tomorrow again. Other fish are same as usual.I worry about financial market more than Tokyo fish market.Sky is falling. We need to keep our money safe.

This Month Special
We do Oktober Fest Special. Get Draft beer pitcher for $10.00. Even bad economy, we need to drink and be happy on surface. And November 1st is Sushi Day. This year’s Key word is “ Employee price for you.” You pay that we pay. Sounds good? We do not have 100 years of history and only 7 years but it is OK. So, employee’s discount for you once a year. Please make a reservation.

I have been busy for reading many articles and watching business news. I do not invest much money in stock market but still worry. I am shifting assets from cash to gold. It is more secure than anything.Feeling like my guessing is getting right. Dow average is looking for around 8-9000 points, Japanese yen US dollar rate is looking for below 100 yen. Gold is looking for above $1000. But anyway, we have to eat. We have to eat god food for deciding our future.

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