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Taka's Update October 19th 2008

Taka’s Update October 19th 2008

This week fish.
I will get good tuna on tomorrow. I have not gotten any good one last week. So, this week is very bright so far. It was a good weekend for business. We need to get it over.

This Month Special
We do Oktoberfest Special. Get Draft beer pitcher for $10.00. Even bad economy, we need to drink and be happy on surface. And November 1st is Sushi Day. This year’s Key word is “ Employee price for you.” You pay that we pay. Sounds good? We do not have 100 years of history and only 7 years but it is OK. So, employee’s discount for you once a year. Please make a reservation. Some people have made it already.

All abour brain this time!!

CHICAGO? The more alcohol an individual drinks, the smaller his or her total brain volume, according to a report in the October issue of Archives of Neurology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. Brain volume decreases with age at an estimated rate of 1.9 percent per decade, accompanied by an increase in white matter lesions, according to background information in the article. Lower brain volumes and larger white matter lesions also occur with the progression of dementia and problems with thinking, learning and memory. Moderate alcohol consumption has been associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease; because the brain receives blood from this system, researchers have hypothesized that small amounts of alcohol may also attenuate age-related declines in brain volume. Carol Ann Paul, M.S., of Wellesley College, Mass., and colleagues studied 1,839 adults (average age 60) who were part of the Framingham Offspring Study, which began in 1971 and includes children of the original Framingham Heart Study participants and their spouses. Between 1999 and 2001, participants underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and a health examination. They reported the number of alcoholic drinks they consumed per week, along with their age, sex, education, height, body mass index and Framingham Stroke Risk Profile (which calculates stroke risk based on age, sex, blood pressure and other factors). "Most participants reported low alcohol consumption, and men were more likely than women to be moderate or heavy drinkers," the authors write. "There was a significant negative linear relationship between alcohol consumption and total cerebral brain volume." Although men were more likely to drink alcohol, the association between drinking and brain volume was stronger in women, they note. This could be due to biological factors, including women‘s smaller size and greater susceptibility to alcohol‘s effects.

2, Use computer more and active your brain.
This is from UCLA. If you search something on Internet, your brain function might up. Training our brain is very important after middle age because of aging issue. Our brain and body is getting old, mean activities are going down. Reading is one of good way but searching on Internet use brain more.You can read [American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry] if you are interested in more.

3, This is easy way to improve your brain power.
Try these and your brain function might up.

A: If you are right hand, use a mouse( PC mouse) with left hand.

B: Do not ask someone when you want to remember something like music titles. Use your brain with your brain. It is easy to ask someone but use your brain as much as possible.

C: Games are good like crossword, sudoku, chess. You need to do those 15 minutes everyday.

4, Cooking action stimulate our brain.
Do you cook? If you say YES, your brain is really good shape. This is research in 2004 in Japan. Our brain is very active during cooking.

5, Eat curry rice and be smart.
I wrote this before. Actually it is not curry, it is spice. As you know, curry contains so many spices(more than 30). Our blood running amount in brain is going up when we eat curry. And concentration and calculation power improve. The data showed that blood running in brain went up 2~4 %.

So, we need to train our brain and buy good American Stocks like Warren Buffet.

6, Want Art?One of our customers opened art gallery in midtown area last month. Emily Amy Gallery is located at 1000 Marietta St. Atlanta GA 30318 Please support her business. Go to see some arts.

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