Monday, October 13, 2008

Taka's Update October 13th 2008

Taka’s Update October 13th 2008

This week fish.
I have good tuna today and not sure for this week. I am waiting answer of Wednesday delivery.

This Month Special
We do Oktoberfest Special. Get Draft beer pitcher for $10.00. Even bad economy, we need to drink and be happy on surface. And November 1st is Sushi Day. This year’s Key word is “ Employee price for you.” You pay that we pay. Sounds good? We do not have 100 years of history and only 7 years but it is OK. So, employee’s discount for you once a year. Please make a reservation. Some people have made it already.

All about High blood pressure
This is from Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Food. Japanese scientists found 4 protein in chicken legs which help hypertensive control high blood pressure. They gave collagen extracted from the leg of the chicken to high blood pressured mouse and blood pressure went down 8 hours later. Do you eat chicken legs at dim sum? I don’t like that. Chicken skin has a lot of collagen and good for your skin but also high cholesterol. It is hard choice.We need to be careful of high blood pressure. It causes arteriosclerosis in all your body and bad for your heart. Eventually it causes angina, myocardial infarction in your heart and causes cerebral infarction in your brain. It is easy to think. Think of your home and drain pipe. It runs very smooth in the beginning. But your hairs and some messes stuck in pipe and water runs bad a little by little. What do you do? You might use plunger to push messes away or liquid to remove them from pipe. And what can we do for our blood vessels? Not much we can do. What we can do is eating good food for blood and keep our body in shape. Also, it is bad for kidney. Kidney is internal organs with work of filtering and taking out wastes and the harmful thing which are not needed out of blood, making it into urine, and taking out to the outside of the body. Kidney is like the lump of a capillary vessel. If arteriosclerosis happens and the flow of blood worsens, the function of kidney will fall.

You can check below and see it.
1, I like heavy taste and don’t like light taste.
2, I don’t like vegetables and fruits.
3, I don’t like exercise much.
4, I have families with high blood pressure.
5, I can get stress very easily.
6, I drink a lot of alcohol.
7, I smoke.
8, My blood sugar level is high.
9, I like deep fried or pan fried food. I like oily food.

Taking salt much makes blood pressure higher. We need to be careful but there is a solution. It is potassium. Salt is basically sodium and it is same family of minerals. Mineral balance is very important in our body. Over taking sodium is one of bad example. If you are high blood pressure, you need to reduce sodium and take potassium. Potassium contains in fresh vegetables and fruits. It is also contains in rice or bread. But brown rice and brown bread contain more than white rice or white bread. That’s all.

Breakfast banana is good for diet.
What is this and how can we lose weight with just banana? It has been very popular in Japan over 6 months. It is hard to find banana at supermarket in Japan, believe or not. It is a banana diet to make the toxin saved up inside of the body gather up and discharge by the abundant enzyme actions included in a banana. All you have to do is eating banana with room temperature water in the morning.Do you know we have the best time zone for excretion? It is 4am~ noon. If meat and fish are eaten in the time zone of this excretion, the body's spending energy in digesting and absorbing these, and perfect purification activities will become impossible. Banana with abundant enzyme passes our stomach in 10~20 minutes, and fills up energy since digestion can already be managed with the stage of ripening. Banana’s 70% is moisture, and rich in fibers, it is very effective also for constipation.And banana contains potassium well. And dropsy and cold body is enemy of diet. Eating banana improve these and make slender body. Kiwi also good as banana. So, why don’t you eat banana and kiwi together for your breakfast. We are not monkeys but we are coming from them. One more think, you have to drink good water with mineral balance.

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