Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hitachino Beer

Do you know Hitachino beer? It is made in Japan.
We carry this premium beer for November Special.
There are 3 kinds of flavor.
These beer's alcohol % is high. One of them is 7%.
So, might me a good winter drink.

A great gift for someone

We use this cold sake container for serving.
And you can buy this. It is $17 for 1 container, 2 cups.
There are 2 colors, green and blue.
I think this is a great gift for someone likes cold sake.
Please ask servers.

Shirako, Spermary

This is shirako, fish spermary. We normally eat Cod, monk fish and blowfish. I never seen monk fish spermary. I had eaten blow fish spermary one time in my life. And this is from cod.
Why do we eat this kind of thing? It tastes good and good for our body, very rare and seasonable.
Shirako help our night life, I can say it is good for sex.
And it is good prevention for aging, cancer.
I recommend you eat when you feel tired.
How do we eat? It is not sashimi or sushi.
Tempura, saute, cook. I like lightly cook with miso, ginger dashi broth.
Try shirako for keeping your healthy body.
It is available winter time only.
Don't be scared. I think it is much much cheaper than tiger's penis or something like that. Does it work ? You have to try. I gave small potrions for several customers last night. They said good taste.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Taka's Update October 27 2008

Taka’s Update October 27 2008

This week fish.
It is very hard to get good tuna right now. I got once last week but was not good toro. Anyway, business is download and have enough fish in the market.

With Hot Coffee, We See a Warm Heart, Yale Researchers Find
Our judgment of a person’s character can be influenced by something as simple as the warmth of the drink we hold in our hand. In the current issue of the journal Science, Yale University psychologists show that people judged others to be more generous and caring if they had just held a warm cup of coffee and less so if they had held an iced coffee. In a second study, they showed people are more likely to give something to others if they had just held something warm and more likely take something for themselves if they held something cold.The study builds upon earlier work by the authors that shows the physical distance between individuals also influences their social judgments about another person.The research suggests that saying that someone is warm or that you feel distant from a friend or relative are more than simple metaphors. They are literal descriptions of emotions such as trust, first experienced during the intimate bond formed between mother and child during infancy.“When we ask whether someone is a warm person or cold person, they both have a temperature of 98.6 ” said John A Bargh, a professor of psychology at Yale and co-author of the paper with Lawrence E. Williams of the University of Colorado who received his Ph.D. from Yale earlier this year. “These terms implicitly tap into the primitive experience of what it means to be warm and cold.”Psychologists have long noted the importance of warm physical contact with caregivers in developing healthy relationships as adults. So Bargh and Williams decided to test the impact of warmth on the perceptions of adults.To test their hypothesis about the importance of temperature, research assistants casually asked that the undergraduate test subjects briefly hold either a warm cup of coffee or iced coffee as they wrote down information. The subjects were then given a packet of information about an individual and then asked to assess his or her personality traits. The participants assessed the person as significantly “warmer” if they had previously held the warm cup of coffee rather than the iced cup of coffee. On personality scales unrelated to the trait of “warmth,” the researchers found no difference in how participants who held an iced, versus hot, coffee responded.In the second study, participants held heated or frozen therapeutic packs as part of a product evaluation study and were then were told they could receive a gift certificate for a friend or a gift for themselves. Those who held the hot pack were more likely to ask for the gift certificate, while those who held the frozen pack tended to keep the gift.“It appears that the effect of physical temperature is not just on how we see others, it affects our own behavior as well,” Bargh said. “Physical warmth can make us see others as warmer people, but also cause us to be warmer ? more generous and trusting ? as well.”The demonstration of the power of temperature on character assessment has been supported by recent brain imaging studies, Bargh noted. For instance, the experience of hot or cold stimulus has been shown to trigger strong activity in the insular cortex. Researchers have also implicated the same area of the brain in borderline personality disorder, a debilitating illness characterized by an inability to cooperate and near complete inability to determine whom to trust. I feel any other hot drinks are fine for having good feeling. Don’t you think so?

Need to be careful of fried foods, meat and snacks.
35% of cardiac disease come from fried foods, salty snacks and meat. This is from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. They released to Circulation magazine.They researched 16,000 people with heart attack. A group had Westernized food( means meat) and junk food could get heart attack more than a group had vegetables and fruits.

Differences of Japanese men and American men
Do you have enough hair, guys? Banyu pharmacy researched Japanese men and American men for thin hair and fallen hair cases.Most of Japanese men realized around 40-45 years old. But most of American men realize around 25-30 years old. And what they concern about this fact? Japanese men care for bad looking. American men care for looking old. How about treatment? Japanese men use more medical supplies. American men try to eat balanced food, sleep well. But hair is not coming back easily and how they handle? Japanese men wear cap or hat and change hair style. American men change their clothing, get mustache or shave it.My recommendation? Eat seaweed and balanced food. I have more than enough hair and see some silver a little.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My dogs, Chealsea and Stephanie

Let me introduce my dogs.
Sesame color is Chealsea, Shiba-inu from Japan. Actually born is GA but 100% Japanese blood. This is very smart hunting dog. She is 3 years old.
And Stephanie is dux mix and comes from Atlanta humane society. She is 14 years old. Steph has been with me for 11 years. She is old granma but still behaves like a baby.
They are not much together normally. But I found this scene last night. They shared a bed and looked friendly.
So, I shot this photo.

Yudedako, Boiled octopus

Check Spelling
Check SpellingI got boiled octopus this time. This is not frozen.
We've been carried frozen octopus for a long time.
Some people like octopus but not much and hard to sell it.
But it is great for sunomono, with cucumber salad.
And this octopus is not frozen and has good texture and no juice comes out. Fresh is better than nothing.
The only the problem is price. And I need to buy a whole octopus. I think I can sell it for a week with chilled.
Come by and try fresh boiled octopus. And feel the difference.

Beef Tongue

Do you eat Beef tongue? We, Asian like that.
You can get it around $7-$9 here. There are many ways to cook it.
Korean style is yakiniku, BBQ. Thinly sliced tongue is very good with salt and lemon.
I made corned tongue last year. I marinated with some vegetables and salt for 2 weeks and cooked for 2-3 hours.
Beef tongue stew is also yummy.
This time, I cooked it with salt, vegetables and kelp for 4 hours.
This is a special for this weekend.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let's make Croquette

This is Japanese food but I think French food.

We really like croquette.

You need to prepare: potato, onion, carrot, ground beef (if you like), pepper, salt, butter, panko, egg, flour, oil for fry and sauce) ketchup and something).

1, Boil potato and carrot. Saute onion and ground beef.(Use butter for saute.)

2, Everything put together and salt, pepper. Mush them.

3, Make round shape and apply flour, soak in egg and apply panko, bread crumb

4, Deep fry or pan fried with pan.

5, Ready to eat. Outside is crispy but inside is soft feeling.

Bigeye tuna October 21 2008

This is big eye tuna. It came on yesterday. It was so fresh and need to wait a couple days to get mature.

It is just like fruits. It takes a few day to get ripe.

But this toro is not super excellent. I normally sells good toro for $12 but I cannot sell this same price. Maybe around $8.50 is reasonable price for this toro.

I try to get fresh tuna and always happen like this. We never know. I hate farm raised oh-toro things. I know our customers know the difference.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Taka's Update October 19th 2008

Taka’s Update October 19th 2008

This week fish.
I will get good tuna on tomorrow. I have not gotten any good one last week. So, this week is very bright so far. It was a good weekend for business. We need to get it over.

This Month Special
We do Oktoberfest Special. Get Draft beer pitcher for $10.00. Even bad economy, we need to drink and be happy on surface. And November 1st is Sushi Day. This year’s Key word is “ Employee price for you.” You pay that we pay. Sounds good? We do not have 100 years of history and only 7 years but it is OK. So, employee’s discount for you once a year. Please make a reservation. Some people have made it already.

All abour brain this time!!

CHICAGO? The more alcohol an individual drinks, the smaller his or her total brain volume, according to a report in the October issue of Archives of Neurology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. Brain volume decreases with age at an estimated rate of 1.9 percent per decade, accompanied by an increase in white matter lesions, according to background information in the article. Lower brain volumes and larger white matter lesions also occur with the progression of dementia and problems with thinking, learning and memory. Moderate alcohol consumption has been associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease; because the brain receives blood from this system, researchers have hypothesized that small amounts of alcohol may also attenuate age-related declines in brain volume. Carol Ann Paul, M.S., of Wellesley College, Mass., and colleagues studied 1,839 adults (average age 60) who were part of the Framingham Offspring Study, which began in 1971 and includes children of the original Framingham Heart Study participants and their spouses. Between 1999 and 2001, participants underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and a health examination. They reported the number of alcoholic drinks they consumed per week, along with their age, sex, education, height, body mass index and Framingham Stroke Risk Profile (which calculates stroke risk based on age, sex, blood pressure and other factors). "Most participants reported low alcohol consumption, and men were more likely than women to be moderate or heavy drinkers," the authors write. "There was a significant negative linear relationship between alcohol consumption and total cerebral brain volume." Although men were more likely to drink alcohol, the association between drinking and brain volume was stronger in women, they note. This could be due to biological factors, including women‘s smaller size and greater susceptibility to alcohol‘s effects.

2, Use computer more and active your brain.
This is from UCLA. If you search something on Internet, your brain function might up. Training our brain is very important after middle age because of aging issue. Our brain and body is getting old, mean activities are going down. Reading is one of good way but searching on Internet use brain more.You can read [American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry] if you are interested in more.

3, This is easy way to improve your brain power.
Try these and your brain function might up.

A: If you are right hand, use a mouse( PC mouse) with left hand.

B: Do not ask someone when you want to remember something like music titles. Use your brain with your brain. It is easy to ask someone but use your brain as much as possible.

C: Games are good like crossword, sudoku, chess. You need to do those 15 minutes everyday.

4, Cooking action stimulate our brain.
Do you cook? If you say YES, your brain is really good shape. This is research in 2004 in Japan. Our brain is very active during cooking.

5, Eat curry rice and be smart.
I wrote this before. Actually it is not curry, it is spice. As you know, curry contains so many spices(more than 30). Our blood running amount in brain is going up when we eat curry. And concentration and calculation power improve. The data showed that blood running in brain went up 2~4 %.

So, we need to train our brain and buy good American Stocks like Warren Buffet.

6, Want Art?One of our customers opened art gallery in midtown area last month. Emily Amy Gallery is located at 1000 Marietta St. Atlanta GA 30318 Please support her business. Go to see some arts.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fresh Fare and Trader Joe

I saw an article about Fresg Fare and took a picture of the store.
This is the first GA store and 5th in nation.
I was driving after shot and found Tradr Joe on peachtree Rd. This place was Office Max before. They are coming soon.
More competition in Buckhead. We will see how Publix and Whole Foods fight with them.
It is a same pie or small pie. But many people want to eat. Who can eat a lot? No one know.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Uni and Matsutake Special

Do you like Uni? Do you mind spending money?
How about this dish?
Sliced matsutake mushroom with sea eel, uni topping.
A limited dish on October.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Taka's Update October 13th 2008

Taka’s Update October 13th 2008

This week fish.
I have good tuna today and not sure for this week. I am waiting answer of Wednesday delivery.

This Month Special
We do Oktoberfest Special. Get Draft beer pitcher for $10.00. Even bad economy, we need to drink and be happy on surface. And November 1st is Sushi Day. This year’s Key word is “ Employee price for you.” You pay that we pay. Sounds good? We do not have 100 years of history and only 7 years but it is OK. So, employee’s discount for you once a year. Please make a reservation. Some people have made it already.

All about High blood pressure
This is from Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Food. Japanese scientists found 4 protein in chicken legs which help hypertensive control high blood pressure. They gave collagen extracted from the leg of the chicken to high blood pressured mouse and blood pressure went down 8 hours later. Do you eat chicken legs at dim sum? I don’t like that. Chicken skin has a lot of collagen and good for your skin but also high cholesterol. It is hard choice.We need to be careful of high blood pressure. It causes arteriosclerosis in all your body and bad for your heart. Eventually it causes angina, myocardial infarction in your heart and causes cerebral infarction in your brain. It is easy to think. Think of your home and drain pipe. It runs very smooth in the beginning. But your hairs and some messes stuck in pipe and water runs bad a little by little. What do you do? You might use plunger to push messes away or liquid to remove them from pipe. And what can we do for our blood vessels? Not much we can do. What we can do is eating good food for blood and keep our body in shape. Also, it is bad for kidney. Kidney is internal organs with work of filtering and taking out wastes and the harmful thing which are not needed out of blood, making it into urine, and taking out to the outside of the body. Kidney is like the lump of a capillary vessel. If arteriosclerosis happens and the flow of blood worsens, the function of kidney will fall.

You can check below and see it.
1, I like heavy taste and don’t like light taste.
2, I don’t like vegetables and fruits.
3, I don’t like exercise much.
4, I have families with high blood pressure.
5, I can get stress very easily.
6, I drink a lot of alcohol.
7, I smoke.
8, My blood sugar level is high.
9, I like deep fried or pan fried food. I like oily food.

Taking salt much makes blood pressure higher. We need to be careful but there is a solution. It is potassium. Salt is basically sodium and it is same family of minerals. Mineral balance is very important in our body. Over taking sodium is one of bad example. If you are high blood pressure, you need to reduce sodium and take potassium. Potassium contains in fresh vegetables and fruits. It is also contains in rice or bread. But brown rice and brown bread contain more than white rice or white bread. That’s all.

Breakfast banana is good for diet.
What is this and how can we lose weight with just banana? It has been very popular in Japan over 6 months. It is hard to find banana at supermarket in Japan, believe or not. It is a banana diet to make the toxin saved up inside of the body gather up and discharge by the abundant enzyme actions included in a banana. All you have to do is eating banana with room temperature water in the morning.Do you know we have the best time zone for excretion? It is 4am~ noon. If meat and fish are eaten in the time zone of this excretion, the body's spending energy in digesting and absorbing these, and perfect purification activities will become impossible. Banana with abundant enzyme passes our stomach in 10~20 minutes, and fills up energy since digestion can already be managed with the stage of ripening. Banana’s 70% is moisture, and rich in fibers, it is very effective also for constipation.And banana contains potassium well. And dropsy and cold body is enemy of diet. Eating banana improve these and make slender body. Kiwi also good as banana. So, why don’t you eat banana and kiwi together for your breakfast. We are not monkeys but we are coming from them. One more think, you have to drink good water with mineral balance.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Big eye tuna October 07 2008

I got good tuna today. This big eye is 20 lb for 1/4 and good size for me. It is bad economy and I don't want to carry big portion. And I want to keep fresh tuna all the time.
This is stomach side with no ohtoro but it is great. I can tell from bottom part of meat. There is thick part of toro. Bad economy? I know, we know. Are you hungry? I know, you know.
We have to eat anyway and need to eat good for our body and future.

By the way, Dr.J came the other day. Who is Dr. J? He is not a medical doctor. He was NBA player before. He is on Dr. pepper CM on TV. I still don't know.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Taka's Update October 6th 2008

Taka’s Update October 6th 2008

This week fish.I have good tuna today and will come tomorrow again. Other fish are same as usual.I worry about financial market more than Tokyo fish market.Sky is falling. We need to keep our money safe.

This Month Special
We do Oktober Fest Special. Get Draft beer pitcher for $10.00. Even bad economy, we need to drink and be happy on surface. And November 1st is Sushi Day. This year’s Key word is “ Employee price for you.” You pay that we pay. Sounds good? We do not have 100 years of history and only 7 years but it is OK. So, employee’s discount for you once a year. Please make a reservation.

I have been busy for reading many articles and watching business news. I do not invest much money in stock market but still worry. I am shifting assets from cash to gold. It is more secure than anything.Feeling like my guessing is getting right. Dow average is looking for around 8-9000 points, Japanese yen US dollar rate is looking for below 100 yen. Gold is looking for above $1000. But anyway, we have to eat. We have to eat god food for deciding our future.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bigeye tuna October 02 2008

October is just started. But this tuna is the best of October, maybe.
There is no oh-toro but have nice toro.
This is stomach side and no pronlem at all.
Please come and get it.