Monday, September 15, 2008

Taka's Update September 15 2008

Taka’s Update September 15 2008

This week fish.I do not confirm tuna supply this week. It is hard to get good tuna. Other fish are fine and no problem.I sold a lots of Beautiful skin salad last week. People care about they skin and health. Eat good food and do exercise.

We are going to have Sake Tasting and lecture on September 25th Thursday. We have special guests from Fukushima, Japan. They are coming for Japan Fest at Gwinnett Arena on 27-28th. They want to serve some foods from their region. They are looking for business opportunities here in Atlanta. Would you like to taste local Japanese food on tasting night? Join us! The cost is $40 per person. If you are interested in, let me know.

A; Too much old people in Japan.
Japanese census showed old people population in Japan. Old people more than 75 years old was 10.3% and more than 10% was the fist time ever since 1950 that they started census. The number was 13,210,000 people and 530,000 people increasing from last year. Old people more than 65 years old was 28,190,000 people and 22.1% of total population.On the other hand, young people less than 14 years old was only 17,180,000 people. Japan’s total population was 127,710,000 people and 50,000 people decreasing from last year. We need to import working people from overseas. We already see many foreigners in farms, hospitals, and factories already.

B: Sub prime shock hit EU?
EU bubble is burst already? Euro has been very strong last 3 years but not any more. EU had the first time minus growth this 2nd quarter and all economical numbers were negative. They might get in another minus growth in 3rd quarter. This means recession. I heard radio show the other day. American economy is still fine. Some people worry about unemployment rate. 6% is fine and better than 7-9%. Many EU countries have been more than 7% for a while. We are good. I can say in that way. We need to brush up our skills and sharp our brain. Companies need someone like smart guys or technically useful guys. They just don’t need someone just come to the office and spend their time.

C; US government can save this crisis?
The Government decided to save Fannie May and Freddie Mac by using our money, tax. But this makes budget deficit increase rapidly in the long term. The government is spending enormous money for Iraq and Afghanistan war. And Medicare is red and increasing and this country is approaching to fiscal bankruptcy. They cannot print US currencies any more. Many countries are tired to buy US bonds for supporting American government and reducing foreign currency reserves of US dollar. South American countries are uniting and trying to oppose the US. So many problems are going on but we cannot lose our mind and judge our life directions by not effecting from those issues. I think many Americans are saying, “ Our government can save our lives, they need to do , they must do, they should do.” I can say, “ We need to protect our lives by ourselves, not rely on someone.” Did I say too much this time?

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