Monday, September 8, 2008

Taka's Update September 08 2008

Taka’s Update September 08 2008

This week fish.We really got good tuna again last week. This week’s start is OK so far. We could not get live scallop and clam last week because of bad weather in Boston area. But it will come on Monday.

We are going to have Sake Tasting and lecture on September 25th Thursday. We have a special guest from Japan. The cost is $40 per person. IF you are interested in, let me know.

A: More about your skin.Our skin shows the state of our body and mind. Especially, internal organs get effect. If something happens in internal organs, it shows on the skin. If it irritates or falls because stress builds, influence will appear also in a face.Below is simple test for woman. Please check how many you are applied. Look back in last 1 month.Your degree of stress
1, I had troubles at home and work place.
2, Monthly physiology was irregular.
3, Mi skin did not have much tension.
4, I did not care about clothing or looks.
5, I was so tired and went to bed without taking shower.
6, I could not sleep well and hard to get up.
7, I had pain in back, waist or shoulder.
8, I got angry to trifles and was irritated.
9, I could get cold easily and hard to recover.
10, I did not have hobbies and no exercise. That’s all.
If you have 1~2, it is very light degree of stress. It is OK and fine.
If you have 3~5, you need to be careful. You are pre stressed.
If you have 6~8, you are in stress. Your skin has some signs already. You need to see a doctor.
If you have more than 9, you are serious. Please go to see a doctor ASAP.

I will make [Beautiful skin salad] and [Beautiful body soup] for Autumn special.

B: Honda will sell new Insight in 2009.Honda will sell a new hybrid car in 2009 Spring. They use name as Insight. Insight was the first name of their hybrid car. This new Insight is 5 passengers car and $19000. The body style is similar to Prius.

C: So many bio- ethanolWe can make bio-ethanol from strained lees of a mandarin orange in Japan. It is still the experimental stage. But we are doing so many recycle things in Japan.

D: Easy diet.Do you chew(bite) a lot when you eat food? According to research, people of over weight has little number of times to bite. If you chew a couple of times and swallow, you need to change it. Chew at least 30 times and leave chop sticks or knife and folk on the table. In that way, fast food is very soft and don’t need to chew much. That means it is not good for your health. Less chewing make people thick and strong taste and bring to overweight. If you chew well, you feel satisfaction even it is low calorie. To not gain weight, you need to chew well. You can do this thing easy.

E: 7th years passed after 9/11About 3000 people died in 2001 and 4100 people died at Iraq war. We still cannot see the exit. I got friends from Japan last week. I asked them about immigration check. They were taken finger print and forced many things to enter this country. It is called Homeland Security. Do you believe 9/11’s truth? What is the truth? Is it same as JFK’s assassination ? There is someone behind scene. I saw the video about Pentagon attack. The damage was too small to hit a commercial air craft against Pentagon building. You might not know about Japan Airlines crash in 1985. 500 people died with this crash. Japanese government said the cause was from metal fatigue. But many people did not believe this. The truth might be accidental firing under missile practice by the Self-Defense Forces. We don’t know but someone know the truth. We need to be careful and cannot be a victim of conspiracy.

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