Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Taka's Update September 03 2008

Taka’s Update September 03 2008

This week fish.I have very good tuna coming today. I think this big eye tuna has good toro.Uni is also available. I closed on Tuesday because of Japanese fish delivery issue. I can get all Japanese fish on Wednesday. What is fresh? Everything is fresh.

A: Climate time bomb trapped in Arctic soil.Climate change could release unexpectedly huge stores of carbon dioxide from Arctic soils, which would in turn fuel a vicious circle of global warming, a new study warned.And according to one commentary on the research, current models of climate change have not taken this extra source of greenhouse gas into account.Scientists have long known that organic carbon trapped inside a blanket of frozen permafrost covering one fifth of the world's land mass would, if thawed, release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.But until now they simply did not have a good idea of how much carbon is actually locked inside this Arctic freezer.To find out, a team of American researchers led by Chien-Lu Ping of the University of Alaska Fairbanks examined a wide range of landscapes across North America.They took soil samples from 117 sites, each to a depth of at least one metre, in order to provide a full assessment of the region's so-called "carbon pool".Previous estimates of the Arctic carbon pool relied heavily on a relative handful of measurements conducted outside of the Arctic, and only to a depth of 40cm.The study, published in the British journal Nature Geoscience, found the stock of organic carbon "is considerably higher than previously thought" - 60 per cent more than the previous estimate.This is roughly equivalent of one sixth of the entire carbon content in the atmosphere.And that is just for North America. The size and mix of landscapes in the northern reaches of Europe and Russia are about the same, and probably contain a comparable amount of carbon dioxide-producing matter currently held in check only by the cold, the study said.And the danger of a thaw is real, note climate scientists.The Nobel Prize-winning UN panel of climate change scientists project temperature increases by century's end of up to 6 degrees celsius in the Arctic region, which is more sensitive to global warming than any other part of the planet.Commenting on the research, Christian Beer of the Max Planck Institute in Jena, Germany, pointed out the climate change models upon which future projections are based do not include the potential impact of the gases trapped inside frozen Arctic soils."Releasing even a portion of this carbon into the atmosphere, in the form of methane or carbon dioxide, would have an significant impact on Earth's climate," he noted in his commentary, also published in Nature Geoscience.Methane, another greenhouse gas, is less abundant than carbon dioxide but several times more potent as a driver of global warming.

B: Botox is not safe.
This is from EU. Sequelas related from Botox are a lot. There are 600 cases of sequelas and 28 cases of death were reported by the end of August. FDA gave warning for serial sequela danger. But there is no case of death and still permit to sell. Do you know how Botox work for our wrinkle? This injection paralyzes muscles. And since muscular contraction is barred, wrinkles can be erased. It is expensive and danger. So why don’t we find natural way to erase wrinkle?

C: Collagen is a key of good skin.It is meaningful for reproduction of the skin to take collagen. Collagen contains gelatin, beef muscle, chicken skin, fish skin, shark fin and skate fin.

D: Balanced food is a key of good skin.
Your skin get dry, rough and get wrinkle when you don’t eat right food and go to bad diet. Balanced food make your skin beautiful. Traditional Japanese food matches making good skin. These are rice, grilled fish, marinated spinach, miso soup, tofu and cooked vegetables.

E: Broccoli works well for good skin.
Believe or not, broccoli is really good. Vitamin A and C in broccoli erase active oxygen which make wrinkle Broccoli has fight chemical and protect from skin aging. Vitamin A helps develop of skin and give moisture. Vitamin C helps develop of skin.

F: Female hormone is a key of good skin.We cannot make enough female hormone after 40 years old. Reducing of female hormone means increasing of wrinkle. Female hormone works for moisture of skin and secretion of collagen.We want to increase female hormone in our body but we cannot do anything. Hey, do not give up!An soybean has the action similar to female hormone. Work of a cell membrane is normalized at the lecithin contained in an soybean, and there is the lustrous skin effect. Probably, it will be good for wrinkles prevention or a dissolution to take in soybean products.

G: Carotene is a key of good skin.Generating of wrinkles has oxidization of the skin cell by active oxygen. So, we need to take food with anti-oxidization action. Carotene in carrot has anti-oxidization action and it is changed into vitamin A in a body. Vitamin A makes good skin. Carrot is the best carotene vegetable. Please drink carrot juice even if you do not like it.

H: Q10 is a key of good skin.Q10 is important factor of making cell energy. And it has anti-oxidization action. Q10 is same as female hormone. It means we cannot make enough of it when we get old. W have to take Q10 from outside of our body. I already said that vitamin A and C were good for skin. But you need to take vitamin B1,B2 and B6, too. Just memorize, vitamin ABC means good skin.

I: AC is not good for skin.
This is the last one. Air conditioner take all your moisture from skin. Please do not use it much if possible. It makes air dry and your skin dry. If you are white, you really need to be careful. My skin, yellow and black skin have a lot of oil but white skin does not have much. I want to write more about skin but too much this time. Please read next week. I have more to tell you.

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