Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Taka's Update October 1st 2008

Taka’s Update October 1st 2008

This week fish.
It’s gonnabe a tough week. First of all, there is no toro so far. I made sure when big eye tuna was coming. It will come this Friday but not much toro. On the other hand, uni is no problem and other fish are fine.

This Month Special
Yes, it is October and we only have 3 months and Christmas is coming in 86 days. October is German month, Oktoberfest. Do I have to sell potato and sausage? There is no obligation but I want to try. So, let’s celebrate Oktoberfest!We sell Japanese sausage and my special potato plus special price of beer. Japanese sausage? What is that? Is it made with tofu or soy bean ? No, I buy sausage from Japanese company here in USA. And potato? I cook potato with slow cooked short rib sauce. This is really yummy.

A: I do not like to write about financial crisis much this time.

B: Rich people is growing in Asia.Rich people in Asia is growing. 2007 number was 12.5% higher than 2006. It was 3rd position and 23% of all over the world. Actually 1st place was North America, 2nd was Europe. And it will be 2nd place by 2012.

C: Do you know vitamin B6?Vitamin B6 is important and make healthy skin, hair, teeth. It promotes growing, means pregnant women and children need to take well. Vitamin B6 is rich in sardine, bonito, saury, tuna, mackerel, herring, chicken lever, pork and banana. Men need 1.4mg and women need 1.2mg a day.

D: Most of Japanese are not happy for living.I have a survey from Japanese government. This data is from 2007. 57.2% of household said they we not happy for living. This answer was 6 years straight growing. Average household income in 2006 was $54,423. But more than half of household were below the average. That means Income differential has spread. It is same as here. Rich people are more rich, poor people are more poor. Where is middle? It is gone. They are dropping to lower level and only a few percentage middle can climb up to higher level.

E: We are going to Ice Age.Something is going on. It is going on Sun. Do you know Sunspot on Sun? There was no sunspot in August 2008. This is very unusual. It happened in 17th century. That time, agricultural products did not fruit, farmers were hungry and famine generates them globally. Moreover, according to aggravation of the health by malnutrition or the shortage of sunshine, the illness of the plague etc. spread all over the world and the economic crisis has happened. This kind of low activity brings many unusual things. There was big hail in a large place of Kenya on September 8th. Hail in hot Africa? So, some people say we are going to Ice age in next 100 years or so. I have no idea and I will be gone from this land.

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