Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Myoga, Japanese ginger

This is Myoga. It is available now. We eat sprout. The season is only a month around September.
I have myoga in my backyard. And Bob-san has a lots and he always gives me.
How is the taste? I think 50/50. Some people like it very much but other say NO.
I liked when I was a child. My mom said to me " Do not eat much, otherwise you become stupid. " I think this means 2 ways. 1, It tastes so good and she doesn't want to share much for her lids. 2, It is good but very strong aroma and flavor and not good for children.
So how do we eat? Slice it and use for garnish. It is good with Ankimo, monk fish pate and any kinds of sashimi. Please try this limited vegetables but don't become stupid. Thanks.

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