Thursday, September 11, 2008

Miyano Yuki Daiginjyo

I got a phone call from my distributor. This is super bargain sale.
Do you like a mistake product? This is one of them.
You might remember Miyano Yuki sake for hot sake.
And it was out of stock and I switched to Tsuki no wa. They ordered Miyano Yuki but diffrent Miyano Yuki came.
Maybe you don't understand and I give you a good example.
You wanted to by Hennessy VSOP but you got Hennessy XO as same price. Yes, this is a big bargain.
I bought 26 bottles this sake because of special price. I think an importer in CA lose $6000 for this mistake. I think any alcohol are final sale and cannot return because of GA law. So, I can sell this sake lower than other same quality sake.
It is in a paulownia box. Expensive sakes are in this kind of wood box.
Want this box? Ask me. It is free.

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