Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Special? She is hot!!

This is Janice Dean. She is a weather lady on FOX TV.
I think she is the best weather lady in the USA.
Someone likes Dagmar Midcap at CBS 46 local.
TV war is very strong and people move a lots. Someone was at ABC moved to NBC and moved to again to CNN, like that.
News channels are basically CNN and FOX News. CNN is a pioneer as you know. But FOX is higher rating than CNN nowadays. CNN used to send a news before. It was OK at that time. And FOX joined the news war and they changed it to entertainment. I still don't like too much show something at FOX and I prefer to watch CNN. But I watch FOX for Janice and Alisyn Camerota at weekend. And CNN is changing and getting like FOX. CNN hired a consulting company and tried to get more viewer rating. That was almost 3 years ago. CNN actually changed a lots and better than ever. They just need hire a good looking weather girl. I have no problem with Campbell Brown. That was a good hunting.
More detail of Janice Dean and Alisyn Camerota, go to FOX news.com

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