Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Taka's Update October 1st 2008

Taka’s Update October 1st 2008

This week fish.
It’s gonnabe a tough week. First of all, there is no toro so far. I made sure when big eye tuna was coming. It will come this Friday but not much toro. On the other hand, uni is no problem and other fish are fine.

This Month Special
Yes, it is October and we only have 3 months and Christmas is coming in 86 days. October is German month, Oktoberfest. Do I have to sell potato and sausage? There is no obligation but I want to try. So, let’s celebrate Oktoberfest!We sell Japanese sausage and my special potato plus special price of beer. Japanese sausage? What is that? Is it made with tofu or soy bean ? No, I buy sausage from Japanese company here in USA. And potato? I cook potato with slow cooked short rib sauce. This is really yummy.

A: I do not like to write about financial crisis much this time.

B: Rich people is growing in Asia.Rich people in Asia is growing. 2007 number was 12.5% higher than 2006. It was 3rd position and 23% of all over the world. Actually 1st place was North America, 2nd was Europe. And it will be 2nd place by 2012.

C: Do you know vitamin B6?Vitamin B6 is important and make healthy skin, hair, teeth. It promotes growing, means pregnant women and children need to take well. Vitamin B6 is rich in sardine, bonito, saury, tuna, mackerel, herring, chicken lever, pork and banana. Men need 1.4mg and women need 1.2mg a day.

D: Most of Japanese are not happy for living.I have a survey from Japanese government. This data is from 2007. 57.2% of household said they we not happy for living. This answer was 6 years straight growing. Average household income in 2006 was $54,423. But more than half of household were below the average. That means Income differential has spread. It is same as here. Rich people are more rich, poor people are more poor. Where is middle? It is gone. They are dropping to lower level and only a few percentage middle can climb up to higher level.

E: We are going to Ice Age.Something is going on. It is going on Sun. Do you know Sunspot on Sun? There was no sunspot in August 2008. This is very unusual. It happened in 17th century. That time, agricultural products did not fruit, farmers were hungry and famine generates them globally. Moreover, according to aggravation of the health by malnutrition or the shortage of sunshine, the illness of the plague etc. spread all over the world and the economic crisis has happened. This kind of low activity brings many unusual things. There was big hail in a large place of Kenya on September 8th. Hail in hot Africa? So, some people say we are going to Ice age in next 100 years or so. I have no idea and I will be gone from this land.

Mr,. Martin Hackel

Mr. Hackel is fashion Director of Golf Digest. And I have a driver from Japan. This Marman driver's price is $2500. You cannot see well but there are some diamonds in the shaft.
Crazy? maybe.
The left guy is Bob Child. He makes gator belts for PGA professionals. Phil, Ian, Lee, Sergio and so many PGA tour players buys special belts from him.
You can visit his store in Buckhead. Flemings is located on Peachtree Rd. cross the street from Publix.

Sake Tasting

We had Sake Tasting last Thursday. Almost 30 people joined this special event.
They tasted 4 diff rent sakes and 5 dishes from me. And they got something specials from Fukushima. These were ramen noodle, Sanma kanroni, miso onigiri, and more.
I really enjoy this kind of event. We can enjoy real Japanese food with good sake.
I want to do this kind of tasting event more often.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flat Tire? Go to Kauffman Tire!

I got a flat tire yesterday. A big nail was in front left tire.

Air pressure was OK and I brought my truck this morning to Kauffman Tire. It was free.

I knew they did before for sales promotion. But they are doing all the time for free.

Go to Kauffman Tire when you get a flat tire. Thanks Mr. Mark Kauffman.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Big eye tuna September 23 2008

I got very good bigeye tuna today. It came with Ohtoro.
This tuna is very fresh and takes 1 more day to
ready to eat.
This is not the best of 2008 but Top 10 of 2008, but Top 3 of September.
Tuna, Toro and Oh toro are available.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ian Poulter

Do you know this guy? He is Ian Poulter, PGA Tour player.
You might see him last week on TV. He is British and this is 4th visiting to TAKA.
I make special sushi for hime every Masters.
He was drinking until 8 am after Ryder Cupon Sunday.
Then he flew to Atlanta for CM shooting and came to TAKA.
He will go back to England tomorrow. And go to Korea, Japan, China and Singapore to play.
I told him," Hey, Ian You can save a lots of milage."
He is a good guy and very polite.

Taka's Update September 22 2008

Taka’s Update September 22 2008

This week fish.
We got big eye tuna on Tuesday last week. How about this week? It will come on tomorrow Tuesday. I already kept ¼ portion. Looking forward it.Live scallop and clam are coming on today. There is no uni because of bad weather in CA. Please check the weather Santa Barbara area in CA.

Japan Fest is coming this weekend. It is fun but hell for me. My brain and body are almost closed to limit. Mentally and physically tired. Someone says, “ Japan Fest is like Triathlon for a restaurant owner.” You do not understand this. I need to prepare a lots for feeding 20,000 attendances in 2 days. I am challenging my body and brain’s limit. I need a gear of over the top. Detail? Go to http://www.japanfest.org/

A: Do exercise and can avoid obesity.
This comes from Archives of Internal Medicine.
Common FTO (fat mass and obesity associated) gene variants have recently been associated with increased body mass index and obesity in several large studies. In this study of 704 Old Order Amish adults who were enrolled in the Heredity and Phenotype Intervention Heart Study, the authors not only replicated this finding but also showed that the association between FTO variants and body mass index is abolished in those who are the most physically active as determined by objective movement monitoring with accelerometers. These findings emphasize the important role of physical activity in public health efforts to combat obesity, particularly in genetically susceptible individuals.So, even if you take over bad genes from your parents, You can change or improve them with your efforts.They normally work or exercise 3-4 hours a day. It is easy. Take a walk instead of watching TV, use stairs instead of using elevators and more. Convenient life is not great for us sometimes.

B: Relation of Sperm and cell phones.
This is from Cleveland Clinic.
You need to be careful. Cell phones ruin your sperm quality. When you carry a cell phone in your pocket, free radical increase and make your sperm activity down. Electric wave from the cell phone effect somehow. If you are thinking to make a baby, you need to keep your cell phone away from you.

C: Financial Crisis and more.
No one could imagine about 2 weeks ago. 2 big names were gone, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch. The U.S. banking industry is in the midst of a catastrophic collapse that could erase billions in shareholder wealth... send the Dow plunging... and even siphon money from FDIC-insured bank accounts.Already, 11 banks have failed in 2008 alone. And the FDIC has just announced that a staggering 117 banks are on its “Death Watch” of troubled institutions.White House was very nice to said that spending money and save troubled banks. But do they have money? U.S. finances are in a breakdown state. The price of the budget deficit in the last fiscal year was $160 billion. And this fiscal year is almost $400 billion. And next fiscal year is going to be more than $530 billion. The government does not have money and who send money? Means who buys American bond?The U.S. Senate on last Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a $612.5 billion defense spending bill for fiscal 2009, including $70 billion for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why did they approve it? They needed to eat the magic pudding that will never run out. ( Detail: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2008/aug/19/usforeignpolicy.russia)

How about FRB? They had almost $800 billion fund the beginning of this year. They have around $200 billion only now. They spent more than $900 billion to save troubles financial companies. Department of Treasury floated bonds for FRB money supply last week.
How about FDIC ? Do they have enough money? They estimate 117 banks bankrupts and need to prepare more than $500 billion for insurance. But they have $45.2 billion only. That means they use our tax for cover that. Anyway, we need to protect our money. I am not a financial specialist but my advantage is I am Japanese and can read many articles in Japanese and English. Then I feel something with my view. Most of my readers are Americans and very much optimistic. I just want to avoid the worst case scenario and protect my asset.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Out of Gas

It is hard to find gasoline. I played golf today. It was 87 and good score. But I needed to fill gas before play.
I went to Cumming GA and got off at GA 400 exit 6 and drove Roswell rd. for north bound to find gas station. After I passed 7-8 stations, I finally found QT. But they didn't have premium. I filled medium grade but pumping was very very slow. It took almost 10 minutes. I am OK now and don't need fill next 10 days at least.
News said gas is coming this week.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Big eye tuna September 16 2008

I finally got big eye tuna ton Tuesday. This tuna came with toro.
This is stomach side and toro grade is A-.
Tuna and toro are leading actors. We cannot tell about sushi without them.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Taka's Update September 15 2008

Taka’s Update September 15 2008

This week fish.I do not confirm tuna supply this week. It is hard to get good tuna. Other fish are fine and no problem.I sold a lots of Beautiful skin salad last week. People care about they skin and health. Eat good food and do exercise.

We are going to have Sake Tasting and lecture on September 25th Thursday. We have special guests from Fukushima, Japan. They are coming for Japan Fest at Gwinnett Arena on 27-28th. They want to serve some foods from their region. They are looking for business opportunities here in Atlanta. Would you like to taste local Japanese food on tasting night? Join us! The cost is $40 per person. If you are interested in, let me know.

A; Too much old people in Japan.
Japanese census showed old people population in Japan. Old people more than 75 years old was 10.3% and more than 10% was the fist time ever since 1950 that they started census. The number was 13,210,000 people and 530,000 people increasing from last year. Old people more than 65 years old was 28,190,000 people and 22.1% of total population.On the other hand, young people less than 14 years old was only 17,180,000 people. Japan’s total population was 127,710,000 people and 50,000 people decreasing from last year. We need to import working people from overseas. We already see many foreigners in farms, hospitals, and factories already.

B: Sub prime shock hit EU?
EU bubble is burst already? Euro has been very strong last 3 years but not any more. EU had the first time minus growth this 2nd quarter and all economical numbers were negative. They might get in another minus growth in 3rd quarter. This means recession. I heard radio show the other day. American economy is still fine. Some people worry about unemployment rate. 6% is fine and better than 7-9%. Many EU countries have been more than 7% for a while. We are good. I can say in that way. We need to brush up our skills and sharp our brain. Companies need someone like smart guys or technically useful guys. They just don’t need someone just come to the office and spend their time.

C; US government can save this crisis?
The Government decided to save Fannie May and Freddie Mac by using our money, tax. But this makes budget deficit increase rapidly in the long term. The government is spending enormous money for Iraq and Afghanistan war. And Medicare is red and increasing and this country is approaching to fiscal bankruptcy. They cannot print US currencies any more. Many countries are tired to buy US bonds for supporting American government and reducing foreign currency reserves of US dollar. South American countries are uniting and trying to oppose the US. So many problems are going on but we cannot lose our mind and judge our life directions by not effecting from those issues. I think many Americans are saying, “ Our government can save our lives, they need to do , they must do, they should do.” I can say, “ We need to protect our lives by ourselves, not rely on someone.” Did I say too much this time?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tuna from Hawaii

Aloha! Tuna from Hawaii.

This means tuna supply is not great.

They cannot get from Atlantic Ocean much and order to Hawaii.

Hawaiian tuna is Ok for tuna and no toro.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Beautiful Body Soup

This is called Beautiful Body Soup. Broth is made from OX tail. OX bone and meat broth is great and can get gelatin , collagen.

And I add 7-8 kinds of vegetables. These are onion, garlic, ginger, okra, zucchini, carrot, daikon radish, celery.

Collagen is good for your skin all vegetables are also good.

Taking soup before meal is good prevention of over eating. Soup can fill your stomach and you cannot eat much. It is available everyday.

Miyano Yuki Daiginjyo

I got a phone call from my distributor. This is super bargain sale.
Do you like a mistake product? This is one of them.
You might remember Miyano Yuki sake for hot sake.
And it was out of stock and I switched to Tsuki no wa. They ordered Miyano Yuki but diffrent Miyano Yuki came.
Maybe you don't understand and I give you a good example.
You wanted to by Hennessy VSOP but you got Hennessy XO as same price. Yes, this is a big bargain.
I bought 26 bottles this sake because of special price. I think an importer in CA lose $6000 for this mistake. I think any alcohol are final sale and cannot return because of GA law. So, I can sell this sake lower than other same quality sake.
It is in a paulownia box. Expensive sakes are in this kind of wood box.
Want this box? Ask me. It is free.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beautiful Skin Salad

I finally made this Salad.
Green vegetables, tomato, broccoli, carrot, sesame seeds, cucumber, radish sprouts, edamame, seaweed, avocado, pine nuts are in it. ( I didn't put some for yesterday's salad.)
And a key point is dressing.
Apple, OJ, Carrot juice, carrot, ginger, kafir, miso, sesame paste, canola oil, olive oil, black pepper, honey and soy sauce are in it.
Everything is good for your skin.

I will show you "Beautiful body soup" next time.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Taka's Update September 08 2008

Taka’s Update September 08 2008

This week fish.We really got good tuna again last week. This week’s start is OK so far. We could not get live scallop and clam last week because of bad weather in Boston area. But it will come on Monday.

We are going to have Sake Tasting and lecture on September 25th Thursday. We have a special guest from Japan. The cost is $40 per person. IF you are interested in, let me know.

A: More about your skin.Our skin shows the state of our body and mind. Especially, internal organs get effect. If something happens in internal organs, it shows on the skin. If it irritates or falls because stress builds, influence will appear also in a face.Below is simple test for woman. Please check how many you are applied. Look back in last 1 month.Your degree of stress
1, I had troubles at home and work place.
2, Monthly physiology was irregular.
3, Mi skin did not have much tension.
4, I did not care about clothing or looks.
5, I was so tired and went to bed without taking shower.
6, I could not sleep well and hard to get up.
7, I had pain in back, waist or shoulder.
8, I got angry to trifles and was irritated.
9, I could get cold easily and hard to recover.
10, I did not have hobbies and no exercise. That’s all.
If you have 1~2, it is very light degree of stress. It is OK and fine.
If you have 3~5, you need to be careful. You are pre stressed.
If you have 6~8, you are in stress. Your skin has some signs already. You need to see a doctor.
If you have more than 9, you are serious. Please go to see a doctor ASAP.

I will make [Beautiful skin salad] and [Beautiful body soup] for Autumn special.

B: Honda will sell new Insight in 2009.Honda will sell a new hybrid car in 2009 Spring. They use name as Insight. Insight was the first name of their hybrid car. This new Insight is 5 passengers car and $19000. The body style is similar to Prius.

C: So many bio- ethanolWe can make bio-ethanol from strained lees of a mandarin orange in Japan. It is still the experimental stage. But we are doing so many recycle things in Japan.

D: Easy diet.Do you chew(bite) a lot when you eat food? According to research, people of over weight has little number of times to bite. If you chew a couple of times and swallow, you need to change it. Chew at least 30 times and leave chop sticks or knife and folk on the table. In that way, fast food is very soft and don’t need to chew much. That means it is not good for your health. Less chewing make people thick and strong taste and bring to overweight. If you chew well, you feel satisfaction even it is low calorie. To not gain weight, you need to chew well. You can do this thing easy.

E: 7th years passed after 9/11About 3000 people died in 2001 and 4100 people died at Iraq war. We still cannot see the exit. I got friends from Japan last week. I asked them about immigration check. They were taken finger print and forced many things to enter this country. It is called Homeland Security. Do you believe 9/11’s truth? What is the truth? Is it same as JFK’s assassination ? There is someone behind scene. I saw the video about Pentagon attack. The damage was too small to hit a commercial air craft against Pentagon building. You might not know about Japan Airlines crash in 1985. 500 people died with this crash. Japanese government said the cause was from metal fatigue. But many people did not believe this. The truth might be accidental firing under missile practice by the Self-Defense Forces. We don’t know but someone know the truth. We need to be careful and cannot be a victim of conspiracy.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big eye tuna September 03 2008

This is another BEST of 2008 tuna.
Big eye tuna and stomach side is really fatty.
It is available all weekend.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Taka's Update September 03 2008

Taka’s Update September 03 2008

This week fish.I have very good tuna coming today. I think this big eye tuna has good toro.Uni is also available. I closed on Tuesday because of Japanese fish delivery issue. I can get all Japanese fish on Wednesday. What is fresh? Everything is fresh.

A: Climate time bomb trapped in Arctic soil.Climate change could release unexpectedly huge stores of carbon dioxide from Arctic soils, which would in turn fuel a vicious circle of global warming, a new study warned.And according to one commentary on the research, current models of climate change have not taken this extra source of greenhouse gas into account.Scientists have long known that organic carbon trapped inside a blanket of frozen permafrost covering one fifth of the world's land mass would, if thawed, release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.But until now they simply did not have a good idea of how much carbon is actually locked inside this Arctic freezer.To find out, a team of American researchers led by Chien-Lu Ping of the University of Alaska Fairbanks examined a wide range of landscapes across North America.They took soil samples from 117 sites, each to a depth of at least one metre, in order to provide a full assessment of the region's so-called "carbon pool".Previous estimates of the Arctic carbon pool relied heavily on a relative handful of measurements conducted outside of the Arctic, and only to a depth of 40cm.The study, published in the British journal Nature Geoscience, found the stock of organic carbon "is considerably higher than previously thought" - 60 per cent more than the previous estimate.This is roughly equivalent of one sixth of the entire carbon content in the atmosphere.And that is just for North America. The size and mix of landscapes in the northern reaches of Europe and Russia are about the same, and probably contain a comparable amount of carbon dioxide-producing matter currently held in check only by the cold, the study said.And the danger of a thaw is real, note climate scientists.The Nobel Prize-winning UN panel of climate change scientists project temperature increases by century's end of up to 6 degrees celsius in the Arctic region, which is more sensitive to global warming than any other part of the planet.Commenting on the research, Christian Beer of the Max Planck Institute in Jena, Germany, pointed out the climate change models upon which future projections are based do not include the potential impact of the gases trapped inside frozen Arctic soils."Releasing even a portion of this carbon into the atmosphere, in the form of methane or carbon dioxide, would have an significant impact on Earth's climate," he noted in his commentary, also published in Nature Geoscience.Methane, another greenhouse gas, is less abundant than carbon dioxide but several times more potent as a driver of global warming.

B: Botox is not safe.
This is from EU. Sequelas related from Botox are a lot. There are 600 cases of sequelas and 28 cases of death were reported by the end of August. FDA gave warning for serial sequela danger. But there is no case of death and still permit to sell. Do you know how Botox work for our wrinkle? This injection paralyzes muscles. And since muscular contraction is barred, wrinkles can be erased. It is expensive and danger. So why don’t we find natural way to erase wrinkle?

C: Collagen is a key of good skin.It is meaningful for reproduction of the skin to take collagen. Collagen contains gelatin, beef muscle, chicken skin, fish skin, shark fin and skate fin.

D: Balanced food is a key of good skin.
Your skin get dry, rough and get wrinkle when you don’t eat right food and go to bad diet. Balanced food make your skin beautiful. Traditional Japanese food matches making good skin. These are rice, grilled fish, marinated spinach, miso soup, tofu and cooked vegetables.

E: Broccoli works well for good skin.
Believe or not, broccoli is really good. Vitamin A and C in broccoli erase active oxygen which make wrinkle Broccoli has fight chemical and protect from skin aging. Vitamin A helps develop of skin and give moisture. Vitamin C helps develop of skin.

F: Female hormone is a key of good skin.We cannot make enough female hormone after 40 years old. Reducing of female hormone means increasing of wrinkle. Female hormone works for moisture of skin and secretion of collagen.We want to increase female hormone in our body but we cannot do anything. Hey, do not give up!An soybean has the action similar to female hormone. Work of a cell membrane is normalized at the lecithin contained in an soybean, and there is the lustrous skin effect. Probably, it will be good for wrinkles prevention or a dissolution to take in soybean products.

G: Carotene is a key of good skin.Generating of wrinkles has oxidization of the skin cell by active oxygen. So, we need to take food with anti-oxidization action. Carotene in carrot has anti-oxidization action and it is changed into vitamin A in a body. Vitamin A makes good skin. Carrot is the best carotene vegetable. Please drink carrot juice even if you do not like it.

H: Q10 is a key of good skin.Q10 is important factor of making cell energy. And it has anti-oxidization action. Q10 is same as female hormone. It means we cannot make enough of it when we get old. W have to take Q10 from outside of our body. I already said that vitamin A and C were good for skin. But you need to take vitamin B1,B2 and B6, too. Just memorize, vitamin ABC means good skin.

I: AC is not good for skin.
This is the last one. Air conditioner take all your moisture from skin. Please do not use it much if possible. It makes air dry and your skin dry. If you are white, you really need to be careful. My skin, yellow and black skin have a lot of oil but white skin does not have much. I want to write more about skin but too much this time. Please read next week. I have more to tell you.

Patio Renovation is going on.

We are renovating patio. Deck floor is nice and flat is good for a large party. It will be finished in a few days.

Labor Day Special? She is hot!!

This is Janice Dean. She is a weather lady on FOX TV.
I think she is the best weather lady in the USA.
Someone likes Dagmar Midcap at CBS 46 local.
TV war is very strong and people move a lots. Someone was at ABC moved to NBC and moved to again to CNN, like that.
News channels are basically CNN and FOX News. CNN is a pioneer as you know. But FOX is higher rating than CNN nowadays. CNN used to send a news before. It was OK at that time. And FOX joined the news war and they changed it to entertainment. I still don't like too much show something at FOX and I prefer to watch CNN. But I watch FOX for Janice and Alisyn Camerota at weekend. And CNN is changing and getting like FOX. CNN hired a consulting company and tried to get more viewer rating. That was almost 3 years ago. CNN actually changed a lots and better than ever. They just need hire a good looking weather girl. I have no problem with Campbell Brown. That was a good hunting.
More detail of Janice Dean and Alisyn Camerota, go to FOX news.com

Myoga, Japanese ginger

This is Myoga. It is available now. We eat sprout. The season is only a month around September.
I have myoga in my backyard. And Bob-san has a lots and he always gives me.
How is the taste? I think 50/50. Some people like it very much but other say NO.
I liked when I was a child. My mom said to me " Do not eat much, otherwise you become stupid. " I think this means 2 ways. 1, It tastes so good and she doesn't want to share much for her lids. 2, It is good but very strong aroma and flavor and not good for children.
So how do we eat? Slice it and use for garnish. It is good with Ankimo, monk fish pate and any kinds of sashimi. Please try this limited vegetables but don't become stupid. Thanks.