Monday, August 4, 2008

Wagyu. Japanese Beef

We are going to have Wagyu soon. What is wagyu? You know Kobe beef. It is a kind of wagyu.

You see many Kobe beef. That is not Kobe beef. It is American born 50-25% wagyu beef.

I had a special guest from kyoto. Her name is Hiromi Muranaka. I asked her about Kobe beef here in USA. She told me that someones brought wagyu sperm from Japan to USA about 20 -30 years ago. So, their baby is 50% wagyu. Then again, crossbleeded with 50% and 50% . So American Kobe beef is not 100% wagyu. They keep 25-50% range. How about Japanese wagyu? Japanese wagyu is 100% wagyu. Each cattle have registered lineage certificate with the description of up to 3rd generation. How about BSE issue? each cattle need to take inspection from Japanese government. American cattle inspection rate is only 1%. In Japan, wagyu is raised for 30 months and this can get enough marble design means fat and lean. American wagyu is raised less than 23 months and this period cannot get good marble design.

The fleshy quality of premium wagyu features high-density unsaturated fatty acids that have a low fatty melting point providing it with an extraordinarily soft texture and delicious taste. Unsaturated fatty acids are a beneficial form of fat. They are essential nutrients that promote the healthy function of key organs and systems, including the heart, circulatory system, brain and skin.

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hiromi said...

Taka san, thank you for introducing Japanese Wagyu. It's getting popular here, but not everybody knows the difference between American Kobe and Japanese pure Wagyu.This blog is really helpful to promote "real" Wagyu:)