Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vermont Curry

Have you seen this curry paste? It is not from Vermont, from Japan. House is a big food company. Hinoichi tofu is one of their brand here in USA.
I got a regular customer on last Friday. Bob and Marla brought their daughter, Erin and her boy friend. This guy comes from Vermont. he doesn't eat any raw fish at all. But he ate lamb chop, duck, beef. They I asked him about Vermont Curry. Of course he didn't know it.
I think most of Japanese know it. This curry contains apple and honey, means Vermont is famous for apple and honey?

We also have Georgia coffee in Japan. You will see it at Coca Cola museum. It is just a name but it brings a lots of money from Japan to Coca Cola headquarter.
I try to find more somethings USA name on Japanese food.

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