Monday, August 4, 2008

Tomato Sauce

You know I like pasta and tomato sauce.

This recipe is from Chef M. Kataoka in Tokyo. But I arrange my way.

You need to prepare whole tomato can from Italy. Made in Italy is very important. Please do not use made in USA. Costco has good and cheap. I think that one is almost 2kg( 10 cups size).

Fresh basil 1-2 bunches, garlic 3-4 pieces, pepper and salt, onion 2-3 and 1 cup of olive oil.
1, Roast garlic with olive oil and add onion. Slow saute and make caramel color. It takes about 30-45 minutes.
2, Add whole tomato can and add basil and pepper and salt.
3, I add honey and white soy sauce and light color soy sauce. This is my way.
4, Cook about 40 minutes and blend it.
5, Finish! Keep cool and move to fridge. It last about 2 weeks.
I will make pasta for my diet challengers during Olympic period.
I think tomato sauce is very healthy and goood. Past's problem is cream sauce. I don't eat creamy pasta. Many people think pasta is not good for diet. I can say pasta is good for diet.

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