Monday, August 25, 2008

Taka's Update August 25 2008

Taka’s Update August 25 2008

This week fish.
Big eye tuna is coming on tomorrow. I still think the tuna we got 2 weeks ago is the best of 2008. I tried to but new fish like Suzuki but cannot make it. Wild fish has season and hard to keep it all the time. I deal with Shima-Aji this tiem. It will come tomorrow. And Samna, Saury is coming on tomorrow. Autumn is fish season.We will be closed Labor Day, September 1-2(Monday-Tuesday).

A: A death of Stephanie Tubbs Jones
The first black woman senator, Stephanie Tubbs Jones died last week. It was Brain hemorrhage. I just wrote about this last week. To prevent this kind of sudden death, we need to eat good food for blood and blood vessel.
See below. These items make your blood clean and smooth.
1, Reduce meat and shift to fish.
2, Seaweed, mush room and green, yellow vegetables are good. Onion and garlic are also good.
3, Reduce snacks and sweet fruits.
4, Drink tea
5, Take bitter chocolate ( more than 70% of cacao ).
6, Drink red wine.(max 2 glasses a day)
7, Take beans, natto and tofu.
8, Take vinegar, Sushi might be good.
9, Take yogurt, apple and guava.

Our blood vessel is same as drain pipe. Heavy liquid is hard to run. And we cannot use a plunger, liquid Plummer things, right? That’s why we have to eat good food.

B: Curry works for Dementia.Turmeric in curry work for dementia. This is just from animal testing but there is possibility for human beings in near future. Turmeric is a kind of ginger. There is no improvement in memory but works something for Alzheimer’s disease AD. Turmeric’s origin is Asia. It has been used for stomach medicine. We know it works for prevention of Skin cancer, large intestine cancer, prostatic cancer, lung cancer. I have curry everyday for you. I don’t eat much eat now but I still like my curry. Ask me anytime.

C: Are you a helicopter mama?Do you care about your children a lot? If it is so, you are a helicopter mama. You are always flying and staying above your children and help them if they need something. It is bad habit and need to stop it, otherwise they cannot be independent. Do it yourself and take responsibility by themselves. You can help them only EMS.

D: You will see new patio next week.We will renovate our patio this weekend. It will be better always.

F: Breaking News?
I broke 90 at my golf on Sunday. I shot 41 and 43. I was very happy and excited. To achieve something is always hard and struggle. But will get great feeling when we make it. Thanks GOD. Next target is breaking 80 in 2 years.

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