Monday, August 18, 2008

Taka's Update August 18 2008

Taka’s Update August 18 2008

This week fish.
Tuna supply is good this week. I will get big eye tuna on tomorrow. So, I have toro everyday. Uni is available.I think Sanma season is coming. I will order from next week. Sanma is saury, great grilled fish.We have International wood convention this week. We might be busy this week. We will be closed Labor Day, September 1-2(Monday-Tuesday).

A: Let’s talk about Apoplexy Apoplexy is called Cerebral Vascular Disorder (CVD).High school education ladies are more high risk of apoplexy. This is from Japanese government research. But low school education ladies are also high risk of apoplexy in USA and Europe.

B: Working hard and less risk of cancer.People who working hard are less risk of cancer. This is from Japanese government research. Actually, not only working but any exercise is good prevention. Do not stay home and drink cola and beer with chips. Go out and walk run and play golf.

C: Does your spouse smoke? If your spouse smoke, you are high risk of apoplexy. This is from American Journal of Preventive Medicine. They recommend to make a non-smoking room or ask your spouse outside.

D: Avoid Esophagus cancerEat more vegetables and fruits and can reduce 50% of Esophagus cancer risk. This is from National cancer center in Tokyo. Even if you smoke and drink a lot, can reduce it.

E: How to avoid Apoplexy ~ TOP 10
1, Know your blood pressure
2, Avoid rapid temperature difference
3, Save money but do not save stress
4, Watch out when you are in the bathroom
5, Balanced food is the best
6, Over working and short sleep is really bad
7, Do not drink much, wine 2 glasses, beer 2 bottles are limit.
8, Smoking? Nothing good!
9, Do exercise anyway
10, Go to see doctor for medical check up every year.

F: Olympic Challenge is almost over.I checked their weight last Friday. 1 person gained 4 lb. I will check it again on this Friday, the last day.I don’t know who pay and who get free meal.

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