Sunday, August 3, 2008

Taka's Update August 04 2008

Taka’s Update August 04 2008

This week fish.I am not sure for tuna for next 2 days. But I got big eye tuna last week. I don’t have tome to ask our supplier because I need to open lunch on Monday for special customers. It will come again, maybe.Wagyu, Japanese beef is coming this week. Very expensive and very tasty. I have samples and you can try it.Sample means free but I do not have much, fast come fast serve.

A: Olympic Challenge I have 3 people to participate this diet program. These are Michael, Tyler and Marshall. Let me know if you applied and did’t get response. And I can have 2 more people. I will send e-mil to them in detail soon.

B: A kidney stoneThe patient of a kidney stone will increase because of global warming. This is from Texas University research. We lose water in our body when temperature is high. There are samples from troops in Middle East. They say 1.6~2.2 millions American are expecting for kidney stones.

C: Take calcium from daily products.Calcium from daily products make lower the development-of-symptoms rate of apoplexy 30%. This data is from Japanese government research. There is no result from soybean , vegetables and fish calcium. This is because the absorptivity of dairy products in intestines is several times as high as other food, calcium can be taken efficiently. How much we need it? 0.7 cups of milk or 2 slices of cheese are enough.

D: Carb. Diet is the best.This is from Israel. They tasted about 300 people in 2 years. They divided 3 groups. Group A was calorie and low fat diet, group B was Mediterranean diet and Group C was Low Carb. Diet. The result was Low carb. Diet group was the best for losing weight. I will make balanced food for Olympic challenge. Classic Japanese might be the best way to lose weight. It means rice, seaweed, vegetables and fish. Of course I make pasta. Pasta is great for diet

I want to write more but very behind right now. Busy is good but I need more time.

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