Saturday, August 23, 2008

So, what is the points of diet?

After the Olympic challenge, I thought of easy possible diet.

1, To do things, need a strong will. You have to decide with your strong will.
2, Ask your brain, are you hungry? because your body is not hungry.
3, Check your weight every morning and decide what you eat on everyday.
4, Stop at 80%. We can eat more than 100% because our body is stretchable. But think it is made with glass, wood. 100% is max. And 80% of capacity is the best. You might eat dessert and need to keep extra for that.
5, Look yourself through the mirror everyday. Are you beautiful? Are you pretty? I think most of our customers are beautiful and pretty, cute when I see the faces. And I see look down to the body, .......???. I don't want to say how many % are bad. People need be careful. Do extra walk, work, exercises and shape up.
6, Anyway, eat good food. fast food is easy and cheap but you will pay a lots of medical cost in the future. Good food is pricey but you can keep your body in good shape and you can save money in the future.
7, If you are mother, please cook good food to your children. Please not feed fast food, pizza or something like that. Start is very important. Fast food taste good for children but this is almost same as drug. They will be abusers. Please stay away from fast food.

I think I prove oolong tea is good for diet. Please drink it. This is my word, "Have you seen a fat Chinese? " May Thanks. TAKA

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