Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shima Aji, Striped Jack

This is shima aji, striped jack. See the first picture. I took a picture with aji, Japanese jack fish.

They are same family. Shima has two meanings. One is stripe and another is island. There are 2 stories about naming of shima aji. 1~ Shima aji had yellow strip on the body when it is baby. 2~ Shima aji was caught around islands. No one knows the truth.

Most of shima aji is farm raised. See the second picture. White part is fat and there is no gap at all. This is typical farm raised fish. They eat food not small fish and get fat because they are in a small net and cannot swim much. Does your stomach like this? We need exercise. Shima aji meat is close to kampachi or hamachi, very white.

It is hard to find wild shima aji. They get from New Zealand in Japanese market.

Shima aji contains EPA and DHA.

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