Saturday, August 23, 2008

Result of Olympic Challenge

Here is the result.
Gold Medal : Michael from 199.80 lb to 185.20lb 14.60lb lost
Silver Medal : Jenny from 158.20lb to 153.00 lb 5.20lb lost

Marshall : from 222.20 to 217.40lb 4.8lb lost
Gabriel : from 150.80lb to 147.00 lb 3.8lb lost
Tyler : from 247.40lb to 242.60lb 4.8lb lost
Note: Gabriel gained 3.6lb in a week to 154.40lb then lost to 147.00. She lost 7.4lb to 147.00lb. She did good job in second week.

Gold medalist, Michael came to all lunch and dinner and lost 14.60lb in 2 weeks. His goal is 160-165lb. This weight is sames as 15 years ago.

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