Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our high end wines

New wines are coming a lots.

Paul Hobbs, one of my favorite winery in CA.

I like his wines. It is hard to sell at my restaurant but I buy it. I drink by myself if I don't sell. The picture is Cabernet Sauvignon but Pinot Noir is coming soon.

Kathryne Kennedy, I just bought because a delivery guy told me that was really expensive. One of steak house here in Atlanta sell $450. I sell $200 cheaper than that.

Beaux Freres, my wine sales told me this was the best Pinot Noir in USA. I need to try it.

I was reading some article about Calera winery. The owner used to work for Romanee Conti and brought their vines to his farm in California. So, Calera is called California's Romanee Conti. I cannot reach real Romanee Conti but can reach Calera. Actually I ordered last week but did not come. It was a miss-communication with a wine sales lady. So I gave up Calera. It is OK I can find more small and infamous winery and I believe OR has the best Pinot Noir in USA.

Cheer up for good wines!

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