Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympic Challengers

I introduced 5 challngers for Olympic Challenge. This program is diet program. Lose 5 lb in 2 weeks and get free dinner. They come to TAKA everyday(Monday- Saturday) and eat lunch and dinner and drink oolong tea and lose 5 lb. If they lose 5 lb in 2 weeks, they don't pay nothing. If they don't lose 5 lb, they pay $140.

Micahael: 55 yrs. old. 5.7 and 199.80lb.

Marshall: 26 yrs. old. 5.9 and 222.20lb.

Gabriel: 26 yrs. old. 5.9 and 150.80lb.

Taylor: 31 yrs. old. 5.8 and 247.40 lb.

Jenny: 29 yrs. old. 5.9 and 158.20 lb.

I gave them a half gallons of oolong tea. They need to drink all of them and bring empty container. I will give them a gallon on Saturday and this for 2 days.

It is fun and good challenge.

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