Monday, August 4, 2008

Let's make Fresh Spring Roll

This is my Spring roll, called Shrimp and Soba Spring Roll.

You need to prepare Spring Roll, Soba(boiled), Cucumber or Lettuce, Celery, Shiso leaf, Avocado, Yama gobo and shrimp. You can use what ever you like.

Place wet table napkin on table for easy rolling with no stick.

Soak Spring roll in warm- hot water. It gets soft in a minute.

Place it on the napkin and put ingredients and roll up.

Sauce? I use mixture of ginger dressing, mayonnaise, chili sauce and miso and ponzu sauce.

Avocado? I use a kind of avocado dip sauce. Crush avocado with a folk and add heavy cream and lemon juice. Spring roll tastes creamy and mild.

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