Friday, August 15, 2008

Diet Dinner August 15th ( 7th day)

I made miso soup and green salad.
And, seaweed salad, cucumber salad, Isaki nanbanzuke, katsuo tataki, sweet potato and Tuna tartar Asian style.
So, 1 week passed and I measured again.
The result is below.
Michael: from 199.80LB to 191.80lb Lost 8 lb.
Marshall: from 222.20lb to 219.16lb Lost 2.6lb.
Gabrieal: didn't show up because of family emergency
Tylor: from 247.40lb to 246.00lb Lost 1.4lb.
Jenny: from 158.20lb to 155.60lb Lost 2.6lb.
We will check again on next Friday. They need to lose atleats 5lb otherwise they need to pay $140.

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