Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sanma is in season.

Sanma is Autumn fish. It is well fat and tasty. It is not good for sushi and sashimi but super excellent for grilled.
I like it and smokey flavor make me appetite.
It is available from now to at the beginning of October.
My autumn is no coming without sanma.

Shima Aji, Striped Jack

This is shima aji, striped jack. See the first picture. I took a picture with aji, Japanese jack fish.

They are same family. Shima has two meanings. One is stripe and another is island. There are 2 stories about naming of shima aji. 1~ Shima aji had yellow strip on the body when it is baby. 2~ Shima aji was caught around islands. No one knows the truth.

Most of shima aji is farm raised. See the second picture. White part is fat and there is no gap at all. This is typical farm raised fish. They eat food not small fish and get fat because they are in a small net and cannot swim much. Does your stomach like this? We need exercise. Shima aji meat is close to kampachi or hamachi, very white.

It is hard to find wild shima aji. They get from New Zealand in Japanese market.

Shima aji contains EPA and DHA.

Bigeye tuna August 26 2008

I like this kind of tuna. The size is 20lb for 1/4, means total weight is 100-120lb.

They have nice toro inside and price is not bad.

It is good condition and last 3-4 days.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ankimo, Monk fish pate

Ankimo, Monk fish liver pate. I sometimes say sea foie gras.
It come in fresh. It is really ugly because of it is inside of fish.
I cure with salt for 30 minutes. Then, wash with sake and take dirty parts.
Then, roll with bamboo mat and steam for 20-25 minutes.
It is easy to make it. We normally eat with ponzu sauce.
It is available all year. But I don't like to sell in summer. Ankimo is winter dish basically. We have to show season dish. So I just started to sell from last week.

Taka's Update August 25 2008

Taka’s Update August 25 2008

This week fish.
Big eye tuna is coming on tomorrow. I still think the tuna we got 2 weeks ago is the best of 2008. I tried to but new fish like Suzuki but cannot make it. Wild fish has season and hard to keep it all the time. I deal with Shima-Aji this tiem. It will come tomorrow. And Samna, Saury is coming on tomorrow. Autumn is fish season.We will be closed Labor Day, September 1-2(Monday-Tuesday).

A: A death of Stephanie Tubbs Jones
The first black woman senator, Stephanie Tubbs Jones died last week. It was Brain hemorrhage. I just wrote about this last week. To prevent this kind of sudden death, we need to eat good food for blood and blood vessel.
See below. These items make your blood clean and smooth.
1, Reduce meat and shift to fish.
2, Seaweed, mush room and green, yellow vegetables are good. Onion and garlic are also good.
3, Reduce snacks and sweet fruits.
4, Drink tea
5, Take bitter chocolate ( more than 70% of cacao ).
6, Drink red wine.(max 2 glasses a day)
7, Take beans, natto and tofu.
8, Take vinegar, Sushi might be good.
9, Take yogurt, apple and guava.

Our blood vessel is same as drain pipe. Heavy liquid is hard to run. And we cannot use a plunger, liquid Plummer things, right? That’s why we have to eat good food.

B: Curry works for Dementia.Turmeric in curry work for dementia. This is just from animal testing but there is possibility for human beings in near future. Turmeric is a kind of ginger. There is no improvement in memory but works something for Alzheimer’s disease AD. Turmeric’s origin is Asia. It has been used for stomach medicine. We know it works for prevention of Skin cancer, large intestine cancer, prostatic cancer, lung cancer. I have curry everyday for you. I don’t eat much eat now but I still like my curry. Ask me anytime.

C: Are you a helicopter mama?Do you care about your children a lot? If it is so, you are a helicopter mama. You are always flying and staying above your children and help them if they need something. It is bad habit and need to stop it, otherwise they cannot be independent. Do it yourself and take responsibility by themselves. You can help them only EMS.

D: You will see new patio next week.We will renovate our patio this weekend. It will be better always.

F: Breaking News?
I broke 90 at my golf on Sunday. I shot 41 and 43. I was very happy and excited. To achieve something is always hard and struggle. But will get great feeling when we make it. Thanks GOD. Next target is breaking 80 in 2 years.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our high end wines

New wines are coming a lots.

Paul Hobbs, one of my favorite winery in CA.

I like his wines. It is hard to sell at my restaurant but I buy it. I drink by myself if I don't sell. The picture is Cabernet Sauvignon but Pinot Noir is coming soon.

Kathryne Kennedy, I just bought because a delivery guy told me that was really expensive. One of steak house here in Atlanta sell $450. I sell $200 cheaper than that.

Beaux Freres, my wine sales told me this was the best Pinot Noir in USA. I need to try it.

I was reading some article about Calera winery. The owner used to work for Romanee Conti and brought their vines to his farm in California. So, Calera is called California's Romanee Conti. I cannot reach real Romanee Conti but can reach Calera. Actually I ordered last week but did not come. It was a miss-communication with a wine sales lady. So I gave up Calera. It is OK I can find more small and infamous winery and I believe OR has the best Pinot Noir in USA.

Cheer up for good wines!

Witness Tree 2005 Vintage OR Pinot Noir

This is our special offer.
We have a good deal. Witness Tree Pinot Noir 2005 Vintage Selection, Willamette Valley Oregon.
We normally have just Witness Tree Pinot Noir and this is out of stock.
Our supplier sent us this 2005 vintage in lower price. So I decided to sell this wine same price as regular one.
I think this level Pinot Noir is $100 at restaurants. We offer lower price. This is limited offer.

So, what is the points of diet?

After the Olympic challenge, I thought of easy possible diet.

1, To do things, need a strong will. You have to decide with your strong will.
2, Ask your brain, are you hungry? because your body is not hungry.
3, Check your weight every morning and decide what you eat on everyday.
4, Stop at 80%. We can eat more than 100% because our body is stretchable. But think it is made with glass, wood. 100% is max. And 80% of capacity is the best. You might eat dessert and need to keep extra for that.
5, Look yourself through the mirror everyday. Are you beautiful? Are you pretty? I think most of our customers are beautiful and pretty, cute when I see the faces. And I see look down to the body, .......???. I don't want to say how many % are bad. People need be careful. Do extra walk, work, exercises and shape up.
6, Anyway, eat good food. fast food is easy and cheap but you will pay a lots of medical cost in the future. Good food is pricey but you can keep your body in good shape and you can save money in the future.
7, If you are mother, please cook good food to your children. Please not feed fast food, pizza or something like that. Start is very important. Fast food taste good for children but this is almost same as drug. They will be abusers. Please stay away from fast food.

I think I prove oolong tea is good for diet. Please drink it. This is my word, "Have you seen a fat Chinese? " May Thanks. TAKA

Result of Olympic Challenge

Here is the result.
Gold Medal : Michael from 199.80 lb to 185.20lb 14.60lb lost
Silver Medal : Jenny from 158.20lb to 153.00 lb 5.20lb lost

Marshall : from 222.20 to 217.40lb 4.8lb lost
Gabriel : from 150.80lb to 147.00 lb 3.8lb lost
Tyler : from 247.40lb to 242.60lb 4.8lb lost
Note: Gabriel gained 3.6lb in a week to 154.40lb then lost to 147.00. She lost 7.4lb to 147.00lb. She did good job in second week.

Gold medalist, Michael came to all lunch and dinner and lost 14.60lb in 2 weeks. His goal is 160-165lb. This weight is sames as 15 years ago.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big eye tuna August 19th 2008

This is big eye tuna on today.

If I compare with last week's one, this is OK tuna.

The price was normal and chutoro. It is OK.

So I can say last week tuna was the best of 2008.

This is not High school Reunion.

This is the first time. Everybody gets together at same time. I didn't ask them but it just happened.
Michael normally comes early but not tonight.
I talked with Gabriel. She already lost 60lb in 2-3 years. So she was 210 lb before. We were really surprised.
I made Saba steak plus vegetables tonight.
2 more nights, that's it.

Diet Dinner August 9th and 11th

There is no picture for those. I made OX tail soup plus udon noodle on Saturday and Sashimi dinner on Monday.
4 more day and finish the game.
Gabriel didn't eat steamed rice last night because she gained 4 lb.

I will check their weight on Friday and inform you.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Taka's Update August 18 2008

Taka’s Update August 18 2008

This week fish.
Tuna supply is good this week. I will get big eye tuna on tomorrow. So, I have toro everyday. Uni is available.I think Sanma season is coming. I will order from next week. Sanma is saury, great grilled fish.We have International wood convention this week. We might be busy this week. We will be closed Labor Day, September 1-2(Monday-Tuesday).

A: Let’s talk about Apoplexy Apoplexy is called Cerebral Vascular Disorder (CVD).High school education ladies are more high risk of apoplexy. This is from Japanese government research. But low school education ladies are also high risk of apoplexy in USA and Europe.

B: Working hard and less risk of cancer.People who working hard are less risk of cancer. This is from Japanese government research. Actually, not only working but any exercise is good prevention. Do not stay home and drink cola and beer with chips. Go out and walk run and play golf.

C: Does your spouse smoke? If your spouse smoke, you are high risk of apoplexy. This is from American Journal of Preventive Medicine. They recommend to make a non-smoking room or ask your spouse outside.

D: Avoid Esophagus cancerEat more vegetables and fruits and can reduce 50% of Esophagus cancer risk. This is from National cancer center in Tokyo. Even if you smoke and drink a lot, can reduce it.

E: How to avoid Apoplexy ~ TOP 10
1, Know your blood pressure
2, Avoid rapid temperature difference
3, Save money but do not save stress
4, Watch out when you are in the bathroom
5, Balanced food is the best
6, Over working and short sleep is really bad
7, Do not drink much, wine 2 glasses, beer 2 bottles are limit.
8, Smoking? Nothing good!
9, Do exercise anyway
10, Go to see doctor for medical check up every year.

F: Olympic Challenge is almost over.I checked their weight last Friday. 1 person gained 4 lb. I will check it again on this Friday, the last day.I don’t know who pay and who get free meal.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Diet Dinner August 15th ( 7th day)

I made miso soup and green salad.
And, seaweed salad, cucumber salad, Isaki nanbanzuke, katsuo tataki, sweet potato and Tuna tartar Asian style.
So, 1 week passed and I measured again.
The result is below.
Michael: from 199.80LB to 191.80lb Lost 8 lb.
Marshall: from 222.20lb to 219.16lb Lost 2.6lb.
Gabrieal: didn't show up because of family emergency
Tylor: from 247.40lb to 246.00lb Lost 1.4lb.
Jenny: from 158.20lb to 155.60lb Lost 2.6lb.
We will check again on next Friday. They need to lose atleats 5lb otherwise they need to pay $140.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Diet Dinner August 14th (6th day)

Actually this is 7th day because I skip Sunday.

I made green salad( not in the picture), Chilean Sea Bass soup and a little sashimi.
This soup is great. I just cooked fish bones. Chilean sea bass bone is really different from others. It can get nice fish oil and tastes so good. I made big portion this time.
One of easy way to lose weight is take a lots of soup.
If you take a lots of soup before your meal, you cannot eat much.
And this kind of soup is more than healthy. I ass 5 or 6 kinds of vegetables.

I will check their weight on tomorrow night. It passes 1 week and has another week for challenge.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Diet Dinner August 13th (5th Day)

Simple is the best.
I made Seafood Salad tonight.
Green salad plus fish and rainbow sauce.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wagyu picture

This is wagyu, 100% Japanese beef.
They farm about 30 months and can get this kind of nice marble.
I cook at kitchen or burn it and uni topping. This surf and turf is heaven.

Diet Dinner August 12th (4th Day)

Today's dinner: Soup and salad as usual.
Grilled and marinated aspragus, Eel, Pickles, Egg plant, seaweed salad and maguro Chiai, cooked tuna blood.
I ate sashimi, a glass of beer at restaurant, a can of beer at home, ice cream and cherries. That's it.

Big eye tuna August 12th 2008

This is the best of 2008. I think so, I believe so, I can say.
I got 38 lb of stomach side. Meat is very firm and no worm in it, best condition.
I can sell this tuna for next 4-5 days.
No question, come to eat.

Vermont Curry

Have you seen this curry paste? It is not from Vermont, from Japan. House is a big food company. Hinoichi tofu is one of their brand here in USA.
I got a regular customer on last Friday. Bob and Marla brought their daughter, Erin and her boy friend. This guy comes from Vermont. he doesn't eat any raw fish at all. But he ate lamb chop, duck, beef. They I asked him about Vermont Curry. Of course he didn't know it.
I think most of Japanese know it. This curry contains apple and honey, means Vermont is famous for apple and honey?

We also have Georgia coffee in Japan. You will see it at Coca Cola museum. It is just a name but it brings a lots of money from Japan to Coca Cola headquarter.
I try to find more somethings USA name on Japanese food.

Diet Dinner August 11th (3rd day)

This is the 3rd day dinner.
They are feeling good.
I just made simple sashimi dinner.
Almost no fat today.

Taka's Update August 11 2008

Taka’s Update August 11 2008This week fish.Great Big eye tuna is coming tomorrow. I ordered ¼ about 40 lb for this week. It is hard to get good tuna now. I got blue fin last week but was not good toro. So I did not post any picture of that. In that way, I was very honest. This week’s tuna is very good. I can judge from buying price. This tuna’s buying price is the highest ever in big eye tuna.Uni is available and no problem.
A: Vitamin C works for cancer.Vitamin C suppresses multiplication of cancer. This is from NIH, national Institute of Health. New research with mice suggests that intravenous doses of vitamin C could one day reduce the size of cancerous tumors in people.The findings are preliminary and still must be confirmed in humans. And even if the treatment works, it's not a cure but would likely be used in combination with other drugs, the researchers said.Still, the research does show an unexpected use for vitamin C, which has previously been thought of as a nutrient, not a drug, said study co-author Dr. Mark Levine, chief of the U.S. National Institutes of Health's Molecular and Clinical Nutrition Section."There's potential promise that [vitamin C] is part of the armamentarium for treating some cancers," he said. "Which ones? We've got to do more and find out."Vitamin C has long been one of the most respected of all vitamins, lauded for its supposed powers to treat many ills, from colds to heart disease. The late scientist Dr. Linus Pauling increased the vitamin's profile by touting it as a cancer treatment. But getting heavy doses of vitamin C into the body is a challenge. Unlike some other vitamins, it's virtually impossible for people to overdose on vitamin C since the body only ingests a certain amount through the mouth and then stops allowing it to build up, Levine said. "The body wants to get to a certain place and no more," he said. Researchers have found that they can disrupt the body's "tight control" over vitamin C levels by giving the nutrient intravenously and bypassing the digestive system, Levine said. The intravenous approach involves "short-circuiting the body's normal control mechanisms and finding there's an unexpected surprise that may be beneficial," he said. In the new study, published in the Aug. 4-8 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Levine and his colleagues found that intravenous vitamin C produced hydrogen peroxide, which proceeded to reduce cancerous tumors in the mice by 43 percent to 51 percent. The mice had ovarian, pancreatic and brain cancer. It's not clear why some tumors are immune to the treatment and others are not, Levine said, although normal cells are unharmed by the therapy.According to the researchers, it's possible to intravenously boost levels of vitamin C in humans to the levels used in the mice. But Levine cautioned that the treatment isn't ready for prime time with humans. "Should patients with any kind of tumor go out and get IV ascorbate [vitamin C]? That's not the message here," he said.Instead, he said, the study shows the need for more research. Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, deputy chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, said the research is interesting but not yet proven. "Like so many things that are intriguing or appear to be promising, there appears to be a long way to go from the theory in the lab to the practical application in the clinic."
I take a lots of vitamin C. I ate tons of orange when I was young. My skin got almost orange color. I eat kiwi and any kinds of fruits. Vitamin C works for generation of collagen, Anti-aging and so many good. I am 46 years old and no wrinkle at all. You have to eat fruits and yogurt every morning for your beautiful skin.
B: Olympic Challenge is going on!5 people are eating my food and drinking 10 cups of oolong tea. You can see them at my blog. You also can see the dishes I make every night. Balance is important , I believe. Thanks.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Diet Dinner August 9th (2nd Day)

I made green salad and OX tail vegetable soup( No meat in it)
Sushi ~ Inari sushi ( Fried tofu skin covered sushi ball)
Yaki Saba Misoni~ Grilled and cooked mackerel
Isaki Nanbanzuke~ Fried and marinated white fish
Slow cooked short rib
Crab Salad
Marinated okra
Cooked sweet potato

Hey Taylor and Jenny? Where were you? You have to come back on Monday!
3 people joined dinner and took 1 gallons of oolong tea to there home. They need to drink it from Sunday- Monday. It 's fun to make food and make people healthy. TAKA

Friday, August 8, 2008

Diet Dinner August 8th (1st Day)

This is the 1st day's dinner.

Miso soup, green salad, steamed rice, daikon radish pickles, seaweed salad, katsuo tataki(seared bonito sashimi), nasu ageni( fried and cooked eggplant), sansai tofu( cold tofu with mountain vegetables) and Cooked Duck with vegetables.

Why Duck picture? I got this from Jim, vice president of duck farm company in CA. He came to Atlanta for duck sales. He stopped by for dinner because he liked sushi. And he left us this duck.

His duck goes to high end restaurants here in Atlanta, not Chinese restaurants.

Olympic Challengers

I introduced 5 challngers for Olympic Challenge. This program is diet program. Lose 5 lb in 2 weeks and get free dinner. They come to TAKA everyday(Monday- Saturday) and eat lunch and dinner and drink oolong tea and lose 5 lb. If they lose 5 lb in 2 weeks, they don't pay nothing. If they don't lose 5 lb, they pay $140.

Micahael: 55 yrs. old. 5.7 and 199.80lb.

Marshall: 26 yrs. old. 5.9 and 222.20lb.

Gabriel: 26 yrs. old. 5.9 and 150.80lb.

Taylor: 31 yrs. old. 5.8 and 247.40 lb.

Jenny: 29 yrs. old. 5.9 and 158.20 lb.

I gave them a half gallons of oolong tea. They need to drink all of them and bring empty container. I will give them a gallon on Saturday and this for 2 days.

It is fun and good challenge.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Wagyu. Japanese Beef

We are going to have Wagyu soon. What is wagyu? You know Kobe beef. It is a kind of wagyu.

You see many Kobe beef. That is not Kobe beef. It is American born 50-25% wagyu beef.

I had a special guest from kyoto. Her name is Hiromi Muranaka. I asked her about Kobe beef here in USA. She told me that someones brought wagyu sperm from Japan to USA about 20 -30 years ago. So, their baby is 50% wagyu. Then again, crossbleeded with 50% and 50% . So American Kobe beef is not 100% wagyu. They keep 25-50% range. How about Japanese wagyu? Japanese wagyu is 100% wagyu. Each cattle have registered lineage certificate with the description of up to 3rd generation. How about BSE issue? each cattle need to take inspection from Japanese government. American cattle inspection rate is only 1%. In Japan, wagyu is raised for 30 months and this can get enough marble design means fat and lean. American wagyu is raised less than 23 months and this period cannot get good marble design.

The fleshy quality of premium wagyu features high-density unsaturated fatty acids that have a low fatty melting point providing it with an extraordinarily soft texture and delicious taste. Unsaturated fatty acids are a beneficial form of fat. They are essential nutrients that promote the healthy function of key organs and systems, including the heart, circulatory system, brain and skin.

Tomato Sauce

You know I like pasta and tomato sauce.

This recipe is from Chef M. Kataoka in Tokyo. But I arrange my way.

You need to prepare whole tomato can from Italy. Made in Italy is very important. Please do not use made in USA. Costco has good and cheap. I think that one is almost 2kg( 10 cups size).

Fresh basil 1-2 bunches, garlic 3-4 pieces, pepper and salt, onion 2-3 and 1 cup of olive oil.
1, Roast garlic with olive oil and add onion. Slow saute and make caramel color. It takes about 30-45 minutes.
2, Add whole tomato can and add basil and pepper and salt.
3, I add honey and white soy sauce and light color soy sauce. This is my way.
4, Cook about 40 minutes and blend it.
5, Finish! Keep cool and move to fridge. It last about 2 weeks.
I will make pasta for my diet challengers during Olympic period.
I think tomato sauce is very healthy and goood. Past's problem is cream sauce. I don't eat creamy pasta. Many people think pasta is not good for diet. I can say pasta is good for diet.

Let's make Fresh Spring Roll

This is my Spring roll, called Shrimp and Soba Spring Roll.

You need to prepare Spring Roll, Soba(boiled), Cucumber or Lettuce, Celery, Shiso leaf, Avocado, Yama gobo and shrimp. You can use what ever you like.

Place wet table napkin on table for easy rolling with no stick.

Soak Spring roll in warm- hot water. It gets soft in a minute.

Place it on the napkin and put ingredients and roll up.

Sauce? I use mixture of ginger dressing, mayonnaise, chili sauce and miso and ponzu sauce.

Avocado? I use a kind of avocado dip sauce. Crush avocado with a folk and add heavy cream and lemon juice. Spring roll tastes creamy and mild.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Taka's Update August 04 2008

Taka’s Update August 04 2008

This week fish.I am not sure for tuna for next 2 days. But I got big eye tuna last week. I don’t have tome to ask our supplier because I need to open lunch on Monday for special customers. It will come again, maybe.Wagyu, Japanese beef is coming this week. Very expensive and very tasty. I have samples and you can try it.Sample means free but I do not have much, fast come fast serve.

A: Olympic Challenge I have 3 people to participate this diet program. These are Michael, Tyler and Marshall. Let me know if you applied and did’t get response. And I can have 2 more people. I will send e-mil to them in detail soon.

B: A kidney stoneThe patient of a kidney stone will increase because of global warming. This is from Texas University research. We lose water in our body when temperature is high. There are samples from troops in Middle East. They say 1.6~2.2 millions American are expecting for kidney stones.

C: Take calcium from daily products.Calcium from daily products make lower the development-of-symptoms rate of apoplexy 30%. This data is from Japanese government research. There is no result from soybean , vegetables and fish calcium. This is because the absorptivity of dairy products in intestines is several times as high as other food, calcium can be taken efficiently. How much we need it? 0.7 cups of milk or 2 slices of cheese are enough.

D: Carb. Diet is the best.This is from Israel. They tasted about 300 people in 2 years. They divided 3 groups. Group A was calorie and low fat diet, group B was Mediterranean diet and Group C was Low Carb. Diet. The result was Low carb. Diet group was the best for losing weight. I will make balanced food for Olympic challenge. Classic Japanese might be the best way to lose weight. It means rice, seaweed, vegetables and fish. Of course I make pasta. Pasta is great for diet

I want to write more but very behind right now. Busy is good but I need more time.