Monday, July 7, 2008

Taka's Update July 7th 2008

Taka’s Update July 07 2008

This week fish.We have good uni coming today. Tuna? It is fine for next 2 days. Tuna price will be up from August because of fuel issue. All other fish are same. I’m not sure for sayori, halfbeak.

July Special
All cost are high and I would like to make “good and cheap” for July. Saba, mackerel is a great fish. It contains DHA, EPA and nice fish oil. Jut try cooked saba. Your world will be change.
Matt and Anastasia came on Saturday night and they were 40,000 checks customers. They got a free dinner. Next will be 45,000 check and I don’t know when. I think it is around at the end of year.Please go my blog and see their picture.

A; I ‘m in good shape.
My weight is around 161-163lb. This is great. I changed my breakfast. I had bread before but stopped it. What do I eat for breakfast? I eat many kinds of fruits and yogurt I eat banana, apple, kiwi fruit, pine apple, plum, nectarine I also drink cold oolng tea everyday. This really works for me. If you want to lose your weight naturally, drink oolong tea 10 cups everyday.

B: Water melon is natural Viagra?
I think many people know already this. Water melon has same effect as Viagra. It works, maybe or maybe not. Anyway, you have to take 6 cups of water melon and this is too much. I think you don’t want to go to bathroom for pee during making love. We have natural Viagra. Japanese yam potato, Nanaimo works, We say something sticky food works for men. I’m sorry I am Ok and I don’t need anything.

C: People don’t use car anymore.
n Tokyo, parking business is facing crisis. Occupancy rate is significantly dropping. It was full occupied in the weekend but not anymore. Gasoline price is $6.65/gallon in Japan and many drivers try not use cars.Tokyo is famous for traffic jam but getting quit. It is same here in Atlanta.

D; Gasoline consumption and highway.
I went to north of I-85 (Exit 126) yesterday for playing golf. I have a Toyota Camry Hybrid. I checked my mpg meter and surprised. It showed almost 40mpg. I sometimes go to GA 400 north but it is around 35-37mpg. I-75 north is not bad and around 37mpg. I try to use gasoline efficiently and keep more than 35mpg. I-85 is almost flat and can get good mileage. GA 400 south bound is good because of downhill but north bound is uphill and cannot get good mileage.

E: We hired a new sushi chef.
I hired a new sushi chef. His name is Hiro. He started from last Monday. I have been working hard and almost limit of my power. I can rest a little bit. I don’t break my body before retirement. He is on the training right now but will be helpful near future. I can take care of maintenance, like painting fixing something and more. Anyway I always have something to do. And thank you for everything. Our business is still growing despite of bad economy. What is secret? And you might use my way of business. I will show you this next issue.

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