Monday, July 21, 2008

Taka's Update July 21st 2008

Taka’s Update July 21 2008

This week fish.
I have good tuna for today and tomorrow. I ’m not sure for Wednesday.Flying fish is not coming on tomorrow because of typhoon. It is same as here. Tropical storm season is in.Uni is available for uni lovers. I sold a lots of Katsuo last week. This is a big difference from others. It is from Kochi in Japan and famous for Katsuo. They burned katsuo with rice straw. What good for rice straw? It can get strong fire for a moment and get natural smoky flavor. And special sauce comes from Japan, too. Must try!
A: Unagi Day is 24th Thursday.July 24th is called Doyou Ushino hi. It comes from ancient Japanese calendar. Anyway, we need to get stamina and power to get over this hot summer. Eel is the best food to do it. It started from almost 1000 years ago. To get over hot summer, need to eat eel. This is Japanese theory. The date changes actually and 24 th is this years day. According to data, eel sales is 25 times higher than normal day.What is good to eat eel? Many vitamin A is especially contained in the eel. Vitamin A is useful for prevention and medical treatment of cancer, and also is understood that there is work which heightens immunity power and prevents cold. Moreover, high-stress people fully have to take in vitamin A.Iliya Kovalchuk ( Atlanta Thrashers No.17) eats a lots of unagi when he comes to my restaurant.Nancy, one of our customer likes that. We do special dishes on 24th with eel.
B: CDC released obesity data.You might read this article last week. South East is a headquarter of American obesity. Are we proud of it? I am a kind of happy right now because my customers start to listen to me. They start to drink oolong tea and agree with my diet philosophy. I write one more time for you.Our body is just like a glass but not a glass. It is stretchable. This is a problem. Let’s say, your capacity is10 cups. If your body is a glass, 10cups is maximum and you cannot get any more. But you can take more than 10 cups because your body is stretchable. You can take 12 cups and more. So, you have to control it by yourself. And a funny thing is it is your brain problem, not body issue. Your body is not hungry, your brain is hungry and eat more and more. Plus, portion is problem. How many sizes are available ? Starbucks coffee has 3 or 4 maybe. And bigger size is cheaper than small size. Someone might say driving car is problem. I don’t think so. California is car empire but is not obesity empire. What is solution? It is easy. Change your life style. We have so many enemies, ice cream, fried food, meat, snacks, coke, beer and more. You don’t need to say to good by to all of them. I eat ice cream everyday. I drink beer everyday. But I am not over weight.I lost 2-3 lb recently. My weight range is 159-162 lb (It was 162-165lb.) I eat fruits and yogurt for my breakfast. Then I take oolong tea or take a coffee.Lunch? I eat soba noodle or curry rice. Then I take oolong tea or Coke zero. I eat something again before open the restaurant. I drink oolong tea during business hour. I switch to beer at 9pm. This is refreshment. I eat dinner sometimes but don’t eat most of the time. I drink beer and eat ice cream after get home. This is almost same everyday except Sunday.You need to check your weight every morning and decide what you eat.It is easy to lose within 2-3 lb range but not easy to lose over 5 lb. That’s why you need to check your weight everyday.Oolong tea? Taka is Japanese and why he does not drink green tea and take Chinese tea? It is good for diet and can lose weight naturally. Oolong tea neutralize fat and oil in your body and come out with pee. You go to bathroom more often after you drink oolong tea. It is a good sign. Say good by to your fat and oil. Just drink 10 cups of oolong tea for 2 months. How much is the cost? I think less than $30 and lose 2-5 lb naturally. Is it sound good? I am thinking Beijing Olympic Challenge. It starts August 8th . Eat at Taka 2 weeks and drink oolong tea and lose weight. If you can lose weight, all meal is free . I let you know. Someone interested in this?

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