Monday, July 14, 2008

Taka's Update July 14th 2008

Taka’s Update July 14 2008

This week fish.We had a great last week. How about this week? Sayori, halfbeak is no longer available because of out of season. Isaki, Chicken brunt is coming on tomorrow. Tuna? Yes, bigeye tuna is coming tomorrow. .I carry Katsu tataki from Japan. This seared bonito is frozen product but not much juice comes out and quality is great. I tested last week and smoky flavor was excellent. Ask me for tasting.

A: Tilapia is not good.Did you see today’s FOX News? Tilapia has a lot of omega 6 and not much healthy. I don’t know what exact omega 6 but They were comparing with bacon. Anyway, I don’t carry Tilapia and OK for me.

B:How to save your gasoline.This is from WSB TVStep 1: Relax behind the wheel. "Chill out, take a chill pill, listen to classical music. What happens is a lot of people are used to being in a hurry," Chafe said. People in a hurry drive aggressively and can't pay attention to hypermiling techniques, he said. Step 2: Don't do jackrabbit starts and use slow acceleration. "I accelerate slowly over the longest possible distance. The slower you accelerate, the more you extend it over time and the less gas you use," Chafe said. "Acceleration is what really uses the gas." Step 3: Know your gas mileage. Steve uses a scan gauge -- a tool that plugs into the car's computer, which instantly gives all kinds of readings, including miles per gallon, cost per trip and gallons per hour. "Just idling, we're using 0.24 gallons per hour," Chafe said. When using air conditioning, "it goes up to 0.33 gallons per hour, so a third of a gallon instead a quarter of a gallon, using quite a bit more gas." Chafe said some hypermilers turn off their cars at stoplights. He admitted it saves gas, but he avoids it. "Your engine is off and there's all this urgency to turn the engine back on and get going or people will honk … and so you speed up and violate all your hypermiling techniques," he said. Step 4: Use cruise control anytime you're going 25 mph or more. "Cruise control is always interacting with the engine computer. It exchanges information to it in the best possible way. Cruise control is great for saving gas," Chafe said. He said he even uses cruise control for short trips around town because it accelerates more slowly than his foot, saving more gas. Step 5: Stay in motion. "It took gas to make the motion and it took money to get the gas, so what happens when you put on your brakes? You're taking money and turning it into heat instead of motion. So the more you can use motion without your brakes the better," he said. Chafe said that means leaving lots of space for reaction time between you and the car in front of you and coasting up to red lights or stop signs. Step 6: Drive the speed limit. "Let's say you're going 80 and the speed limit is 70. In many parts of the country, just going the speed limit will gain you 10 percent," he said. I just want to say, Take it easy guys. Next light might be red and might stop.

C: Watching TV during meal makes over weight.
Everyone knows what too much television can do to the mind and what too little exercise can do to the body, but a Canadian study has now shown that the boob tube can also lead to an increase in how much we eat. Studying childhood obesity, University of Toronto nutritionist Harvey Anderson found that kids who watched TV while eating lunch took in 228 extra calories than those who ate without the television on."One of Anderson's conclusions is that eating while watching television overrides our ability to know when to stop eating," the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, which funded the study, said on Tuesday."In effect, mindless television watching produces mindless eating. ... Anderson has some immediate advice for parents -- turn the television off during mealtime."

D: 3 trillion dollars for Iraq war?How much is 3 trillion dollars and what we can buy with it? We can buy weapon to kill someone. 5 years of war costs a lot. 3 trillion dollars include Direct military-activities expense A veteran's disablement benefit and medical expenses Arms, vehicles, a repair cost, employment expense, etc. because of this war, oil price and our gasoline price is high. And this war make American economy weak. Who is happy? Dick Chaney and his friends, maybe. If we had 3 trillions dollars, we would make a huge water project in Southeast. We need water in Southeast. My plan is making the institution which changes sea water into fresh water around Savannah. And place a huge pipes to Lake Lanier and share it with GA, AL, FL. Money should be used like this. 3 trillion dollars I sour tax and our debt. We need to pay this next 10-20 years. Money is gone now and a printing machine is almost broken. What is next?

Book: Three trillion dollar war by Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes

Warning: Some letter changed because of using Japanese installed PC. You can see the same newsletter at my blog.

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