Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quail egg

Have you had quail egg before? They never had before and I gave it to them with beer.

Quail egg is good for garnish, sauce.

I heard this a long time ago. In California, they drink with beer to try their guts.

Believe or not, we eat raw chicken egg in Japan. But we eat only fresh one. Normally we buys 2-3 days form getting raid. And we don't but old egg more than 5 days pass from getting raid.

Oh, they say, they normally go to Genki for drinking. I say Genki is meeting place, Buckhead American Pie.( Actually, American pie is gone.)

Taka is eating place, isn't it!

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Andres said...

Taka is definitely THE place for eating. Thank you for the wonderful meal this past Monday. Your amazing cooking skills made my birthday special!