Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ikura price is jumping up very high.

It is crazy. Salmon roe's price is going to up 40% from new season. New season starts from September.
I asked the reason why so much.
harvest of salmon is getting decrease. Hey, but this salmon roe comes from farmed one, right? So why?
There was no answer. Anyway, they cannot make much salmon and amount of ikura is also low.
And EU buy high price and US market rink with EU.
I just went to the supplier and bought 10 packs. 10 packs last around 5-6 months.
So, I don't raise the price.
Soft shell crab is also facing price up. This is a different reason. It is because of hurricane in Myanmar. Most of soft shell crab are made in Thailand. They got a lot of damage of this hurricane. The price is going up around 20% soon. I bought 10 packs.
I will buy another freezer from Costco on tomorrow.
It is not easy to do the business in high oil price.

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