Friday, July 18, 2008

Chilean Seabass prep

This is Chilean Seabass. It comes from Miami. I think this is the one of best grilled fish.

Picture1: Naked, defrost 1 day in cooler.

Picture 2: Take skin with knife and cut.

Picture3: Prepare marinating sauce, sake, mirin, sugar, honey, miso, yuzu juice, white soy sauce.

Picture4: Dip and mix well and go to fridge for 2 days. Ready to cook.

Some restaurants refuse to sell this fish because of danger. We ate a lot when it was booming around 1995-2000. I buy if it is available and our customers like it.

Tuna is also in danger. Do you refuse to eat? I don't.

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Andrew said...

Taka - I know you're concerned about the environment and especially the fishing industry, so why must you serve all these highly overfished species? Granted a sushi restaurant must have tuna, there's almost no getting around that, but I believe that you, as a high class sushi chef and restaurateur, can find alternatives to Chilean sea bass. To help reverse the severe overfishing of certain species takes all of us making certain sacrifices and substitutions. I encourage you and all your readers to look at these sites or before going to the store or ordering fish in restaurants: