Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big eye tuna July 29 2008

This is big eye tuna. I wrote about size around 200lb.
I figured out after I asked our supplier. He told me than 1/4 size was 40lb. 40 x 4 = 160 and plus head and tail and bone. I thought almost 200lb of whole body.
I liked stomach side because of oh toro.
Many people think oh toro is fattiest part. Yes or No. It depends on tuna. This one is A- grade. But I might change the grade later. Some tuna come very fresh and cannot judge sometimes. I can say later means I need to see 2 days later. Believe or not, tuna color change and get fat sometimes.
I got 1 return from a customer who ordered oh toro sushi. I knew it. I made seared oh toro but my server told me they got it as appetizer. So, I made fresh one and the customer said too chewy to eat. That's why I seared. Anyway, I dumped fresh one and gave them seared oh toro and he was happy. They need to listen what I say. But they thought oh toro should be soft and oily. It is farm raised oh toro. I don't carry it. Fresh and wild is better for me.
Who want to eat man made toro?

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