Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big eye tuna July 18 2008

This is bigeye tuna available right now.

Stomach side with ohtoro is great.

Our buying price is also high.
To be honest, the price is $16.50/ lb.
But this come with blood part(See the right side of tuna, dark part) cannot use and dump skin. So actual price is $18.15
And take a good part for sushi, sashimi. soft part, top part go to spicy tuna. And they have worms sometimes. Tuna is not 100% healthy because of wild caught. Some tuna are sick like us or injured. We need to dump these parts. And cost is higher than buying price.
So, you will understand 1 order of tuna nigiri price is $6-$7 and toro price is $9.50-$10.
Tuna is a king of sushi restaurant, a leading actor of sushi stage.

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