Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The best Brie I ever had.

Do you like cheese? Do you like brie? I do like.
This brie is really taste good. It is from Costco and made in France.
I try not eat much cheese. I gain weight very easily with cheese.
But I have a good news. Taking calcium from daily products is good prevention of cerebral apoplexy. Milk is good and cheese is good. Taking calcium make blood pressure lower. It is good to know. The price is around $8. You can find this at next to wine corner.

New Hot sake, Again?

I just changed hot sake about 2 months ago. It is selling well.

But I need to change again. The reason is simple. The original one ( Miyano Yuki) is out of stock for a while.

This new sake is called Tsukinowa, Moon ring. It comes from Iwate, northen area of Japan. I think Tsukinowa is better than Miyano Yuki. Th price is also higher but I get a good deal. I can get promotion price and can sell same price as Miyano Yuki.

Some sake doesn't need to heat up hot. It is OK sometimes warm temperature. Koji, Sake Master told me make warm this sake. And another reason is simple. If you heat it hot, alcohol is gone. You just drink sake without alcohol.

Publix premium ice cream

Two customers told me that Publix premium ice cream was good. They said chocolate ice cream.
So I went to Publix and tried to buy but there were a few kinds.
1st one is with fake sugar. 2nd one is low fat. I think they have original one means natural, no fake sugar and no low fat. But I could not find it.
Anyway, I ate 1st and 2nd. Both were not bad.

Big eye tuna July 29 2008

This is big eye tuna. I wrote about size around 200lb.
I figured out after I asked our supplier. He told me than 1/4 size was 40lb. 40 x 4 = 160 and plus head and tail and bone. I thought almost 200lb of whole body.
I liked stomach side because of oh toro.
Many people think oh toro is fattiest part. Yes or No. It depends on tuna. This one is A- grade. But I might change the grade later. Some tuna come very fresh and cannot judge sometimes. I can say later means I need to see 2 days later. Believe or not, tuna color change and get fat sometimes.
I got 1 return from a customer who ordered oh toro sushi. I knew it. I made seared oh toro but my server told me they got it as appetizer. So, I made fresh one and the customer said too chewy to eat. That's why I seared. Anyway, I dumped fresh one and gave them seared oh toro and he was happy. They need to listen what I say. But they thought oh toro should be soft and oily. It is farm raised oh toro. I don't carry it. Fresh and wild is better for me.
Who want to eat man made toro?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Big eye tuna July 23 2008

I got good bigeye tuna today.
Picture 1: This isstomach side and a quarter of fish. The weight is 22lb.
Picture 2: I took a picture from top. Can you see 2 holes. This is worm's hole. Tuna is wild caught and have worms sometimes. Don't worry, we cut it off and don't use it.
Picture 3: This is from side and I can figure how much toro in it.
Picture 4: After take skin off, I will use a spoon and take premium toro part.

You cannot judge the book by the cover.

You cannot judge the book by the cover. Do you think so? I got Marian and Tatiana today. Marian was used to live in Buckhead and moved to FL this spring.
She told me today this word.
To find a right person, we need to see inside. Thank you.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Taka's Update July 21st 2008

Taka’s Update July 21 2008

This week fish.
I have good tuna for today and tomorrow. I ’m not sure for Wednesday.Flying fish is not coming on tomorrow because of typhoon. It is same as here. Tropical storm season is in.Uni is available for uni lovers. I sold a lots of Katsuo last week. This is a big difference from others. It is from Kochi in Japan and famous for Katsuo. They burned katsuo with rice straw. What good for rice straw? It can get strong fire for a moment and get natural smoky flavor. And special sauce comes from Japan, too. Must try!
A: Unagi Day is 24th Thursday.July 24th is called Doyou Ushino hi. It comes from ancient Japanese calendar. Anyway, we need to get stamina and power to get over this hot summer. Eel is the best food to do it. It started from almost 1000 years ago. To get over hot summer, need to eat eel. This is Japanese theory. The date changes actually and 24 th is this years day. According to data, eel sales is 25 times higher than normal day.What is good to eat eel? Many vitamin A is especially contained in the eel. Vitamin A is useful for prevention and medical treatment of cancer, and also is understood that there is work which heightens immunity power and prevents cold. Moreover, high-stress people fully have to take in vitamin A.Iliya Kovalchuk ( Atlanta Thrashers No.17) eats a lots of unagi when he comes to my restaurant.Nancy, one of our customer likes that. We do special dishes on 24th with eel.
B: CDC released obesity data.You might read this article last week. South East is a headquarter of American obesity. Are we proud of it? I am a kind of happy right now because my customers start to listen to me. They start to drink oolong tea and agree with my diet philosophy. I write one more time for you.Our body is just like a glass but not a glass. It is stretchable. This is a problem. Let’s say, your capacity is10 cups. If your body is a glass, 10cups is maximum and you cannot get any more. But you can take more than 10 cups because your body is stretchable. You can take 12 cups and more. So, you have to control it by yourself. And a funny thing is it is your brain problem, not body issue. Your body is not hungry, your brain is hungry and eat more and more. Plus, portion is problem. How many sizes are available ? Starbucks coffee has 3 or 4 maybe. And bigger size is cheaper than small size. Someone might say driving car is problem. I don’t think so. California is car empire but is not obesity empire. What is solution? It is easy. Change your life style. We have so many enemies, ice cream, fried food, meat, snacks, coke, beer and more. You don’t need to say to good by to all of them. I eat ice cream everyday. I drink beer everyday. But I am not over weight.I lost 2-3 lb recently. My weight range is 159-162 lb (It was 162-165lb.) I eat fruits and yogurt for my breakfast. Then I take oolong tea or take a coffee.Lunch? I eat soba noodle or curry rice. Then I take oolong tea or Coke zero. I eat something again before open the restaurant. I drink oolong tea during business hour. I switch to beer at 9pm. This is refreshment. I eat dinner sometimes but don’t eat most of the time. I drink beer and eat ice cream after get home. This is almost same everyday except Sunday.You need to check your weight every morning and decide what you eat.It is easy to lose within 2-3 lb range but not easy to lose over 5 lb. That’s why you need to check your weight everyday.Oolong tea? Taka is Japanese and why he does not drink green tea and take Chinese tea? It is good for diet and can lose weight naturally. Oolong tea neutralize fat and oil in your body and come out with pee. You go to bathroom more often after you drink oolong tea. It is a good sign. Say good by to your fat and oil. Just drink 10 cups of oolong tea for 2 months. How much is the cost? I think less than $30 and lose 2-5 lb naturally. Is it sound good? I am thinking Beijing Olympic Challenge. It starts August 8th . Eat at Taka 2 weeks and drink oolong tea and lose weight. If you can lose weight, all meal is free . I let you know. Someone interested in this?

Tax Holiday is coming!

July 31- August 1 is tax holiday in Georgia. If you buy clothing or PC, can get a great deal.
Detai is below. You can go to Georgia Dpartment of revenue and see more detail.

Articles of Clothing. The exemption applies to articles of clothing and footwear with a sales price of $100 or less per item. Clothing accessories such as handbags, umbrellas, cuff links, handkerchiefs, jewelry, key cases, wallets, watches and watch bands, and ponytail holders and/or similar hair products are not exempt. See lists of exempt items.

Personal Computers. A single purchase of $1,500 or less of personal computers and/or related accessories is exempt. If the single purchase exceeds $1,500, the entire transaction is taxable. See list of exempt items.

General School Supplies. The exemption applies to the purchase of general school supplies with a sales price of $20 or less per item. See list of exempt items.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big eye tuna July 18 2008

This is bigeye tuna available right now.

Stomach side with ohtoro is great.

Our buying price is also high.
To be honest, the price is $16.50/ lb.
But this come with blood part(See the right side of tuna, dark part) cannot use and dump skin. So actual price is $18.15
And take a good part for sushi, sashimi. soft part, top part go to spicy tuna. And they have worms sometimes. Tuna is not 100% healthy because of wild caught. Some tuna are sick like us or injured. We need to dump these parts. And cost is higher than buying price.
So, you will understand 1 order of tuna nigiri price is $6-$7 and toro price is $9.50-$10.
Tuna is a king of sushi restaurant, a leading actor of sushi stage.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Let's make Fried rice.

What you need: steamed rice, egg, cabbage, carrot, onion, pepper, salt, soy sauce, vege oil . meat if you like.
Prep: vegetables- small diced cut.
Steamed rice- warm
1, Heat up a pan and saute vegetables and meat, do a little bit pepper and salt.
2, Add egg and mix, make it dry.
3, Add steamed rice and crush it.
4, Add soy sauce. If you like spicy, add spicy sauce now.
5, Finish, ready to eat.

Chilean Seabass prep

This is Chilean Seabass. It comes from Miami. I think this is the one of best grilled fish.

Picture1: Naked, defrost 1 day in cooler.

Picture 2: Take skin with knife and cut.

Picture3: Prepare marinating sauce, sake, mirin, sugar, honey, miso, yuzu juice, white soy sauce.

Picture4: Dip and mix well and go to fridge for 2 days. Ready to cook.

Some restaurants refuse to sell this fish because of danger. We ate a lot when it was booming around 1995-2000. I buy if it is available and our customers like it.

Tuna is also in danger. Do you refuse to eat? I don't.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quail egg

Have you had quail egg before? They never had before and I gave it to them with beer.

Quail egg is good for garnish, sauce.

I heard this a long time ago. In California, they drink with beer to try their guts.

Believe or not, we eat raw chicken egg in Japan. But we eat only fresh one. Normally we buys 2-3 days form getting raid. And we don't but old egg more than 5 days pass from getting raid.

Oh, they say, they normally go to Genki for drinking. I say Genki is meeting place, Buckhead American Pie.( Actually, American pie is gone.)

Taka is eating place, isn't it!

Isaki, Chicken Brunt

A new season for Isaki, chicken brunt. What is it called chicken brunt? It comes from Back fin.
It is hard to sell bad named fish. I make sure it is farm raised or wild when I cut stomach. Farm raised fish have fat in it. Wild fish has small fish in it.. This Isaki has small fish and roe.
I always cook roe. Meat is muscle. I want to serve this with shiso, Japanese mint leaf and grated fresh ginger. It come every Tuesday and Thursday.

Big eye tuna July 15 2008

I got good tuna. I rate A+.
Not much fat but nice toro.
It is available next 2-3days.

I cannot get big eye tuna everyday this summer.
You need to eat when it is available.
Tuna supply is not great.

Monday, July 14, 2008

First time Sushi part 2

Thank you for coming, Owen, Claire and Kasey.
Kasey never had sushi. She is from Idaho, Potato Empire.
She became sushi lover.
Owen and Claire are our regular customers. They like toro and always check my newsletter.

We have so many new customers. Eat more sushi and healthy food. It costs a little bit expensive but feel cheap in the future.
It is because you can save medical cost by keeping healthy body.
Don't you agree with me?

Taka's Update July 14th 2008

Taka’s Update July 14 2008

This week fish.We had a great last week. How about this week? Sayori, halfbeak is no longer available because of out of season. Isaki, Chicken brunt is coming on tomorrow. Tuna? Yes, bigeye tuna is coming tomorrow. .I carry Katsu tataki from Japan. This seared bonito is frozen product but not much juice comes out and quality is great. I tested last week and smoky flavor was excellent. Ask me for tasting.

A: Tilapia is not good.Did you see today’s FOX News? Tilapia has a lot of omega 6 and not much healthy. I don’t know what exact omega 6 but They were comparing with bacon. Anyway, I don’t carry Tilapia and OK for me.

B:How to save your gasoline.This is from WSB TVStep 1: Relax behind the wheel. "Chill out, take a chill pill, listen to classical music. What happens is a lot of people are used to being in a hurry," Chafe said. People in a hurry drive aggressively and can't pay attention to hypermiling techniques, he said. Step 2: Don't do jackrabbit starts and use slow acceleration. "I accelerate slowly over the longest possible distance. The slower you accelerate, the more you extend it over time and the less gas you use," Chafe said. "Acceleration is what really uses the gas." Step 3: Know your gas mileage. Steve uses a scan gauge -- a tool that plugs into the car's computer, which instantly gives all kinds of readings, including miles per gallon, cost per trip and gallons per hour. "Just idling, we're using 0.24 gallons per hour," Chafe said. When using air conditioning, "it goes up to 0.33 gallons per hour, so a third of a gallon instead a quarter of a gallon, using quite a bit more gas." Chafe said some hypermilers turn off their cars at stoplights. He admitted it saves gas, but he avoids it. "Your engine is off and there's all this urgency to turn the engine back on and get going or people will honk … and so you speed up and violate all your hypermiling techniques," he said. Step 4: Use cruise control anytime you're going 25 mph or more. "Cruise control is always interacting with the engine computer. It exchanges information to it in the best possible way. Cruise control is great for saving gas," Chafe said. He said he even uses cruise control for short trips around town because it accelerates more slowly than his foot, saving more gas. Step 5: Stay in motion. "It took gas to make the motion and it took money to get the gas, so what happens when you put on your brakes? You're taking money and turning it into heat instead of motion. So the more you can use motion without your brakes the better," he said. Chafe said that means leaving lots of space for reaction time between you and the car in front of you and coasting up to red lights or stop signs. Step 6: Drive the speed limit. "Let's say you're going 80 and the speed limit is 70. In many parts of the country, just going the speed limit will gain you 10 percent," he said. I just want to say, Take it easy guys. Next light might be red and might stop.

C: Watching TV during meal makes over weight.
Everyone knows what too much television can do to the mind and what too little exercise can do to the body, but a Canadian study has now shown that the boob tube can also lead to an increase in how much we eat. Studying childhood obesity, University of Toronto nutritionist Harvey Anderson found that kids who watched TV while eating lunch took in 228 extra calories than those who ate without the television on."One of Anderson's conclusions is that eating while watching television overrides our ability to know when to stop eating," the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, which funded the study, said on Tuesday."In effect, mindless television watching produces mindless eating. ... Anderson has some immediate advice for parents -- turn the television off during mealtime."

D: 3 trillion dollars for Iraq war?How much is 3 trillion dollars and what we can buy with it? We can buy weapon to kill someone. 5 years of war costs a lot. 3 trillion dollars include Direct military-activities expense A veteran's disablement benefit and medical expenses Arms, vehicles, a repair cost, employment expense, etc. because of this war, oil price and our gasoline price is high. And this war make American economy weak. Who is happy? Dick Chaney and his friends, maybe. If we had 3 trillions dollars, we would make a huge water project in Southeast. We need water in Southeast. My plan is making the institution which changes sea water into fresh water around Savannah. And place a huge pipes to Lake Lanier and share it with GA, AL, FL. Money should be used like this. 3 trillion dollars I sour tax and our debt. We need to pay this next 10-20 years. Money is gone now and a printing machine is almost broken. What is next?

Book: Three trillion dollar war by Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmeshttp://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=87855957

Warning: Some letter changed because of using Japanese installed PC. You can see the same newsletter at my blog.

Taka’s Blog. http:// http://www.sushiandpassion.blogspot.com/More than 100 articles are on it. Thank you so much and enjoy it. TAKA

TAKA 375 Pharr Rd. Atlanta GA 30305

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hirame Kobujime

This is called hirame kobujime, kelped flounder.
This is a kind of fish and kelp sandwich's.
It is easy to make and taste is great.
Kelp is called konbu in Japanese. I sometimes eat konbu itself after using kelp. It is a little bit salty but cannot miss good minerals.
We are coming from sea and should like sea foods.
I served this with uni sauce.

Katsuo Tataki, seared Bonito

I got this for sample today. Katsuo tataki, seared bonito is Japanese favorite.
I used to order fresh one from Japan when season comes.
This is frozen vacuum packs.
I tasted and flavor is excellent. It should be burned with straw.
I think they did because of good flavor.
And fish comes out a lot from frozen fish but this one is not bad.
It is sliced and served with ginger, scallion and shiso.
You feel summer after eat katsuo tataki.

This is our fish supplier.

True world foods is our fish supplier. I think this company is the biggest fresh fish supplier in the USA.
It is owned by a Korean. They also make fishing boats an carry tuna fishing boats.
They have almost 20 offices in North America.
We buy all fresh fish.
I just visited today for picking up fish.
They used to located in Chamblee but moved to Stone Mountain.
A FDA inspector just visited on today. They told me that FDA came often recently. A facility should be cleaned and workers are also required to clean.
We got fish on Friday from Japan this week. We normally get on Thursday. But FDA hold 1 day for inspection.

Eat blueberry for your health.

It is almost end of season. Blueberry's harvest season is from late May to mid July.
Blueberry has one of highest amounts of antioxidants, which may help fight aging, cancer and heart disease.
I hear it is good for our eyes.
I think any kind of berries are good for our body.
Eat it with yogurt in the morning.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Big eye tuna July 08 2008

This is beautiful tuna, one of best of the season.
Price is high but I don't mind.
See the right picture.
I was cutting blood part. This part cannot use and dump. I lose 10-15% of buying cost. And I dump skin.
So, actual my cost is around $20 / lb. This tuna is available for next 3 days.

Ikura price is jumping up very high.

It is crazy. Salmon roe's price is going to up 40% from new season. New season starts from September.
I asked the reason why so much.
harvest of salmon is getting decrease. Hey, but this salmon roe comes from farmed one, right? So why?
There was no answer. Anyway, they cannot make much salmon and amount of ikura is also low.
And EU buy high price and US market rink with EU.
I just went to the supplier and bought 10 packs. 10 packs last around 5-6 months.
So, I don't raise the price.
Soft shell crab is also facing price up. This is a different reason. It is because of hurricane in Myanmar. Most of soft shell crab are made in Thailand. They got a lot of damage of this hurricane. The price is going up around 20% soon. I bought 10 packs.
I will buy another freezer from Costco on tomorrow.
It is not easy to do the business in high oil price.

Sauteed Saba Cooking Demo

Let's make Sauteed Saba with onion.
1, Defrost Saba and cut, take bones.
2, Sun dried a little bit and take water, juice and oil.
3, Coat flour and saute. Use butter and vege oil. Remove to a plate and saute onion
4, And add parsley. Sprinkle pepper.
5, move back Saba and add soy sauce.
6, Cover with foil and a pan. This steaming is important.
7, Ready to eat.
It is easy an tasty.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Taka's Update July 7th 2008

Taka’s Update July 07 2008

This week fish.We have good uni coming today. Tuna? It is fine for next 2 days. Tuna price will be up from August because of fuel issue. All other fish are same. I’m not sure for sayori, halfbeak.

July Special
All cost are high and I would like to make “good and cheap” for July. Saba, mackerel is a great fish. It contains DHA, EPA and nice fish oil. Jut try cooked saba. Your world will be change.
Matt and Anastasia came on Saturday night and they were 40,000 checks customers. They got a free dinner. Next will be 45,000 check and I don’t know when. I think it is around at the end of year.Please go my blog and see their picture.

A; I ‘m in good shape.
My weight is around 161-163lb. This is great. I changed my breakfast. I had bread before but stopped it. What do I eat for breakfast? I eat many kinds of fruits and yogurt I eat banana, apple, kiwi fruit, pine apple, plum, nectarine I also drink cold oolng tea everyday. This really works for me. If you want to lose your weight naturally, drink oolong tea 10 cups everyday.

B: Water melon is natural Viagra?
I think many people know already this. Water melon has same effect as Viagra. It works, maybe or maybe not. Anyway, you have to take 6 cups of water melon and this is too much. I think you don’t want to go to bathroom for pee during making love. We have natural Viagra. Japanese yam potato, Nanaimo works, We say something sticky food works for men. I’m sorry I am Ok and I don’t need anything.

C: People don’t use car anymore.
n Tokyo, parking business is facing crisis. Occupancy rate is significantly dropping. It was full occupied in the weekend but not anymore. Gasoline price is $6.65/gallon in Japan and many drivers try not use cars.Tokyo is famous for traffic jam but getting quit. It is same here in Atlanta.

D; Gasoline consumption and highway.
I went to north of I-85 (Exit 126) yesterday for playing golf. I have a Toyota Camry Hybrid. I checked my mpg meter and surprised. It showed almost 40mpg. I sometimes go to GA 400 north but it is around 35-37mpg. I-75 north is not bad and around 37mpg. I try to use gasoline efficiently and keep more than 35mpg. I-85 is almost flat and can get good mileage. GA 400 south bound is good because of downhill but north bound is uphill and cannot get good mileage.

E: We hired a new sushi chef.
I hired a new sushi chef. His name is Hiro. He started from last Monday. I have been working hard and almost limit of my power. I can rest a little bit. I don’t break my body before retirement. He is on the training right now but will be helpful near future. I can take care of maintenance, like painting fixing something and more. Anyway I always have something to do. And thank you for everything. Our business is still growing despite of bad economy. What is secret? And you might use my way of business. I will show you this next issue.

TAKA 375 Pharr Rd. Atlanta GA 30305

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Caroline and friends

This is Shannon's Birthday night.
Caroline brought her and friends.
They got cold sake tasting and great sushi.
I joined the picture. Thank Caroline. You are sweet!
You don't know a guy. His name is Mark Biello, CNN cameraman.
He saved more than a dozen people during Hurricane Katrina.
He is a hero.

40,000 checks and free dinner!

Congratulation! Matt and Anastasia. They got a free dinner at TAKA because of 40,000 check number.
They didn't know anything about this and we surprised them.

Next free dinner is going to be 45,000. I don't know when and will tell you around there.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Have you seen this?

Have you seen this? I have seen mobile homes on hwy. But I never seen a helicopter on Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
This is my first time.
I just took a picture because looked funny.

Taka's fashion for July 4th

Happy birthday America. This is my July 4th fashion. I just bought this chef pants because of stars and stripes. Do I like this? Of course.

Ice keep fish longer!

This is my ice box in the restaurant but it is not only ice but fish in it.
Taka doesn't have a refrigerator? I have 3-4. But why do I use ice for keeping fish. There is a reason. Ice can keep fish longer than refrigerator. Ice's temperature is same all the time but refrigerator is not same.
And ice temperature ( it is between 32F and freezing temperature.) is a key. This condition can last fish longer.
I always do this. Understand?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today;s customers

I have so many women customers here in TAKA.
I don't know why they like our place.
This family came around 9pm and ordered udon, sushi.
Thank you for coming. Now, many people watch you and you will be famous soon!

Cold is good for summer time!

I just wonder why American drink hot tea in summer? Why do you eat hot udon or soba in summer?
It is same as ice tea. We can make cold oolong tea or cold green tea. But no one asked before.
How about noodles? We can make cold udon or soba in summer.
But no one ask us. Only Japanese customers know it.
I make dirk oolong tea when I drink it as cold because I add ice cube.
Please ask us for cold drink and cold noodles.

Bigeye tuna July 1 2008

This tuna is great. It is firm, means fresh arrived. It is stomach side, means good toro.

No much comment for this one. It is available until July 5th. Good tuna last long.