Monday, June 23, 2008

Yaki Saba Misoni

This is one of my favorite dish. Grilled and cooked Saba,mackerel.

I use Norwegian mackerel. This is frozen . I dry our 1-2 hours after cut and take juice and oil under the Sun.

Then cut in quarter and sprinkle a little bit salt. Then grilled on net. Saba has a lot of oil and get smoke easily. I make miso broth same time. Water, kelp, garlic, miso, mirin and soy sauce are needed. Use a fried pan and cover otherwise fish get burn with fire. When you see brown or dark on fish, move to miso broth and cook 3 minutes. Ready to eat!

Saba is rich in EPA, DHA. And the price is also reasonable. I think 1 tail price is $5-$7.

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