Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sushi Omakase

I have Sushi Omakase customers sometimes.
It is fun to make any omakase, chef choice dishes. I made below.

1, Blue fin Ohtoro Aburi Sushi, Seared ohtoro with sea salt and lemon
2, Flying fish with fresh ginger and scallion
3, Squid with shiso and spicy cod fish roe
4, Halfbeak, sayori with fresh ginger and scallion
5, Live scallp with lemon
6, Blue fin tuna with nikiri soy sauce, fresh wasabi
7, Sea eel, Anago
8, Giant Clam, Mirugai
9, Big eye tuna chutoro

I've been known this customers since Soto around 1995. This was a son's birthday dinner from mother.

1 comment:

Jordan said...

I'm so glad to hear that you have fun making it--my wife and I have so much fun eating it!

The other day, you made a comment about ordering many appetizers on a menu so that you could try small portions of many types of food rather than consume a huge amount of a single food--this is my philosophy as well. I think you serve the concept well with your Sushi Omakase. Also, you give us the opportunity to try many new and exciting foods that we would otherwise not consider ordering.