Friday, June 13, 2008

Our new house Hot Sake

This is our new house Hot Sake. The name is Miya No Yuki. It is from Mie prefecture. You don't know where is Mie. It is located in the middle of Japan and next to Nagoya. Mie is famous for Mikimoto Pearl and Matsuzaka beef ( basically same as Kobe beef).
We used to carry Koji sake. Koji sake is made in California. What is difference? Koji sake is not pure rice sake. They make sake and add alcohol later. What kind of alcohol they add? It is made from corn or sugar cane because of cost performance. Koji sake was very profitable. Many restaurants sell Gekkeikan, Ozeki, Shochikubai and more. They are all famous brands and same kinds of sake.
Miyano Yuki is a small sake brewery and make high quality sake. And they don't add alcohol. It means you don't get headache even if you drink a lots. We don't have much profit but it is OK.
We need keep high quality for everything.
When you feel difference next drinking, I'm very happy.

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