Sunday, June 8, 2008

Matt Kuchar

We had Kuchar Family on Saturday.
Who is Matt Kuchar? If you don't play golf, you don't know. He is a PGA tour professional golfer.
It was just before US Open and he need to Taka;s Power. I made US Open Win Win Roll for him.
He lives in Atlanta and this was not a first time.
I went to see last year's AT&T Classic.
He is doing well this year( 2 times of Top 10). I told him that I was very happy of his good play this year. He told me that he was also happy.
He is always smiling even during a game. And he is a gentleman.
I cannot play like him but I try. Thanks Matt.

We had Ian Poulter, Camiro Villegas, Alex Chezka, Luke Donald before.

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