Friday, June 27, 2008

Konbu(Kelp) 's power

These are process of marinating macherel. I use konbu and vinegar.
I think you might see at Spa for body pack or facial things.
Anyway, konbu make great saba.
Konbu give fish great flavor.

A famous Japanese appetizer is Hirame Kobujime. It is sliced flounder sashimi wrapped with konbu. The meat of hirame is white but the color changes after 1-2 hours marinating. Japanese like konbu. We eat konbu a lots. I sometimes eat this kind of konbu. It is hard but get soft after marinating.
Thank you for great nature. Oh, konbu is good for your hair. Are you losing hair? Eat konbu. Do you color hair? Eat konbu. Konbu has so many minerals with no side effect.

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