Friday, June 13, 2008

How to eat Sushi

I've been saying this all the time. "Taka, your sushi is so good!". Look at a first picture. They are eating soy sauce marinated sushi rice and fish. I can not eat like this. 1st of all it is too salty, 2nd, too spicy and 3rd, it is not healthy. Can you drink soy sauce by itself? I cannot. But most of Americans can do that. Mane people misunderstand that sushi is ethnic food. Yes, it is. But this food doesn't need to eat spicy way. Then, people ask me, " Do you have light soy sauce?" It's same if you use too much portion of soy sauce.
2nd picture is proper way of eating sushi. Don't hesitate to use fingers. You can use chop sticks but hard to dip fish side into soy sauce. 50% of Japanese use fingers and other use chop sticks.
A last picture is easy way to enjoy sushi. I saw somewhere in Japan and I thought this was a good idea. We are doing thus for some customers they want.
Brush light wasabi soy sauce on top of fish. Rice never get soy sauce. It is clean, beautiful and healthy. We don't need to clean the table, maybe.
Fish need soy sauce and rice doesn't need it. Thanks.

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