Friday, June 27, 2008

Freeze the price.

We see bad news everyday. Oil price is higher and higher. Look at in your home and office. Do you see something from plastic? It is made from oil. Car runs with oil. Almost everything price is going high when oil price is high. I understand factory raise the price because material's price is up. I understand retail price is up because their buying cost is high.
How about restaurant? Yes, our buying cost is high and is it OK to raise the price? Some are OK but I don't agree with that. I 'm from fashion industry. I used to design pumps.
Their cost is same but the prices are diff rent. It is because of design. I give you easy sample. Let's bring a silk tie. If it is made in China, $15-$20 and made in Japan $70-$90 and made and made in France and Hermes $300. Here in Atlanta, most of sushi restaurants buy fish from a same company. So, the cost is same and selling price is depend on their creation and store brand value. Fortunately, our rent is cheaper than average Buckhead location and we have advantage. And we are doing good business and have enough money to but extra grocery, like rice, oil and more. I have 3-4 months rice inventory at my house. I'm a lots of extra buying soy bean oil for future price raising. All these efforts prevent to raise price and can keep same price for a while. It is ridiculous that everything price is going high. I hate this. So I decided to keep same or go lower. It is fun to cut price. Our June sales is still higher than last year. We see in July and August. I feel our customer support my challenge. Thanks you all.

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