Friday, June 27, 2008

A first time Sushi in her life

This is Bridget from Chicago. And a guy from St Louis. I don't know his name and I don't care guy's name. They came to Atlanta for business meeting or something like that.
He came first and told me that she never had sushi before.
He liked sashimi and I made sashimi assortment.
Bridget was not bad, she was not Conservative. She ate tuna first and ate most of them. Then we made a shrimp tempura roll. I asked her what she ate basically. It is Chicago, good pasta, good meat and potato. She told me that she ate sushi again when she went back to Chicago.
This is a good news. Sushi population is growing and I got a new customer.
Someone went to Africa to sell shoes. He told his boss when he came back from Africa. " We have a great opportunity because they didn't wear shoes at all." Someone went to Africa and told to his boss. " Hey boss, we should give up because no one wear any shoes over there. "
America is still under developing country for a sushi salesman.

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