Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bring your own bag for grocery shopping!

Do you bring your own shopping bag for grocery shopping? I do most of the time. I have 3 of Trader Joe's , 1 of Kroger and 2 of Seacology cloth bag. I go to Buford Hwy. Farmers market 2 times a week but I don't see anybody bring bags. I had a time someone asked me the bag She told me that she forgot to bring her bag and had same trader Joe's bag.
It is made form oil because it is plastic. It chokes animals sometimes. I read an article at small town in England. This town banned to use plastic bag because of environmental issue.
In Japan, many convenience stores and supermarkets are try to ban it. It is good to do that.
We can reduce trash, company save money and more.
Please bring your own bags for your next shopping. It is stylish behavior now and same as driving hybrid cars. We have to chase this good trend.

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Hilla said...

Taka, just wanted to say that I love your blog. In Italy, they charge you .10 per bag to help motivate you to bring your own. Hopefully we'll have those kinds of policies here in the states soon....