Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Maine Uni is back.

This is Maine uni. It is back in 6 months. Welcome back.

Uni and toro are good team.

Judging Tuna quality


This is tail part of tuna. Our supplier judges tuna quality here. How much fat in it, The light color of near skin is toro. Then thys assume how much toro inside of body. Amzing!

I judge tuna fat when I cut it with my knife.

Taka Update September 2017

  Taka Update September 19, 2017

Fish Information
This is very surprise. Boston Blue fin tuna is coming today. ¼ back size is 60 lbs, it means the total weight of this tuna is 300-350 lbs. The last time I received was almost a month ago and was really good. I am expecting this tuna.
Uni supply is changing. Japanese uni cannot get this week because of typhoon. But Maine uni is coming back. It was quarter for 6 months but we can catch now. California uni is also coming back.
Kinki, thorn head is on the menu now. It is a tiny fish but the price is more expensive than toro. It is called white fish toro. Akamutsu,Black throat is also getting popular.I but Akamutsu 2 times a week but always sold out. I feel the people finally understand what is good Japanese fish. The price is high but still much cheaper than NYC and other restaurants here.

Monday is Sushi Day.
All Togo orders are 20% off. These offers are Monday only. We extend it this month. I think I do this for a while.

September is Wine month.
The temperature is still high but patio season is coming back. It cools down at evening and good for wines. We can offer all bottles wines 30% off this month. I do Beer special in October, Sake special in November.

Eating meat linked to higher risk of diabetes
The Singapore Chinese Health Study reveals increased risk of diabetes with higher intake of red meat and poultry, partially attributed to the dietary iron content in these meats. While a plant-based diet is generally considered healthier than a meat-based diet in preventing the risk of diabetes, not all meats affect the risk equally. As Professor Koh Woon Puay of Clinical Sciences at Duke-NUS Medical School (Duke-NUS), and her team found out, higher intakes of red meat and poultry are associated with a significantly increased risk of developing diabetes, which is partially attributed to their higher content of heme iron in these meats. This study provides the foundation for evidence-based dietary recommendations to the Singapore population in mitigating diabetes risk and reducing the healthcare burden of this chronic condition.  
I think once a week of meat is fine. We need to take some protein from meat that I feel. Eating meat increase fighting spirit for business or sports I feel it. I do eat steak before the golf game or when I get tired. This is all mental issue actually.  My meal is 60-80% vegetables and I take fish every 2 days. Meat is once a week.

Linton Hopkins just opened a new steak house at Sun Trust Ball park. C Ellet’s Steak House has oyster and steak. I will go there soon to dine. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Scallop Plate


I like this kind of plate.
Grilled scallop but I cannot go with American style.
I place Mentaiko Sauce, cod roe sauce. This is my style and Japanese style.
Must try, I do this for daily special.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuna of this week

This week's tuna, big eye from pacific Ocean. I will get a new one later weekend.

This is tuna appetizer, tuna with okra, nagaimo, shiso, tomato and more.
It's a kind of healthy dish. Yum.

Taka Update August 08, 2017

  Taka Update August 08, 2017

Fish Information
I have big tuna from Pacific Ocean. It is just red meat tuna only with no toro. I will not buy farmed tuna from Japan. It was last month and was a big mistake because of too much fat. That fat was not healthy at all. I try to buy wild caught tuna and look for natural made toro.
King salmon season is in. I have Alaskan and Japanese. Both are good.
Uni supply is not bad. Japanese one is not easy this week because of typhoon. I have Mexican uni this week. I believe this is from California peninsula.

Monday is Sushi Day.
We have Monday Special. Selected wines and sakes are $5 by the glass. Sapporo Draft beer is $3 by the glass. All Togo orders are 20% off. These offers are Monday only. We extend it in August, I think I do this for a while.

Stanford researchers find intriguing clues about obesity by counting steps via smartphones
Stanford researchers using smartphones to track the activity levels of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe made an intriguing discovery: In countries with little obesity, people mostly walked a similar amount per day. But big gaps between people who walked a lot and those who walked very little coincided with much higher levels of obesity.
I feel we have to walk more. I walked 4 hours at Golf course last Sunday. I walked 2-3 hours in Barcelona during on vacation. Walking is the best way to reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes. We have to walk and try to avoid using wheelchairs when we get old.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Big eye tuna from Ecuador


This quality of tuna, I ma very happy.  Must eat.