Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Taka Update July 19, 2016

Fish and More
It’s Tuesday and this is Japanese fish delivery day. Akamutsu, Kinme-Dai, Aji are coming. And I ordered Suma- Katsuo, Bonito. Bonito is summer fish. It is good with ginger ponzu sauce.
Tuna? Where is good tuna? It’s gone. I just go with yellow fin tuna. Big eye? Hawaiian big eye does not have any fat, Ecuador big eye does not have enough fat. The real season is coming in a month or so. I just wait.
Uni is also less supply despite of big demand. We carry Japanese uni only these days. But we might get Chilean uni today. And Canadian uni season is not coming yet. It supposed to start in July but our supplier said in August.
Poke is very popular in NYC right now, Poke Don is not like Poke-Mon. Diced tuna and avocado with some vegetables over sushi rice, it is called don. I make special poke sauce and serve lunch and dinner.
I try to make something new. And I reached live lobster sashimi. People love this dish. The meat is still alive after I cut , This freshness is amazing.
Ramen demand is still high. We have 4-5 ramen stores here and more stores are coming. But who can make good ramen? I don’t hear any good reviews. Broth is the most important factor of ramen. I try to make original broth with all meats and vegetables, fish stock.

Exercise recognized as one of the biggest influences for warding off cancer
This is from Natural News.
There has long been scientific consensus that an active lifestyle is one of the best ways to prevent cancer. But there has been debate as to how much exercise affects cancer risk directly, and to what extent the benefits seen in large studies simply come from the fact that people who are more active also eat better and are less likely to smoke.

Now a growing body of research is showing that exercise acts directly through an astonishing number of bodily mechanisms to reduce cancer risk, activate the immune system to fight cancers as they develop, and help the body survive cancer treatment.
Best of all, it takes only gentle exercise to start seeing benefits.

Adrenaline boosts immune system to fight tumors
In a recent study conducted by researchers from Copenhagen University Hospital, and published in the journal Cell Metabolism, the hormone adrenaline was found to play a key role in the link between exercise and cancer protection.

The researchers injected two groups of mice with cancer cells. The first group were kept in their cages round the clock, forcing them to be mostly sedentary. The second group had free access to activity wheels, allowing them to run as much as they wanted. The mice were then exposed to chemicals known to trigger liver cancer.

While three-quarters of the mice in the sedentary group developed cancer, only a third of the mice in the active group did so. Tumors were also 60 percent smaller in the exercise group. In addition, the tumors in the active mice contained higher levels of natural killer cells than the tumors in the sedentary mice. This indicates that the natural killer cells (a type of immune cell) were actively fighting the cancers in the more active mice, likely contributing to those tumors' smaller size.

Prior research has shown that exercise boosts levels of both adrenaline and interleukin-6. Adrenaline is known to increase activity of natural killer cells, while interleukin-6 helps them target cancer cells.

To test whether adrenaline and interleukin-6 were responsible for the benefits seen in the exercising mice, the researchers injected the cancerous, sedentary mice with the two chemicals. The immune systems and tumors of the mice responded in the same way as seen in the exercising mice.

According to lead researcher Pernille Hojman, this therapy might be promising for people who are physically unable to exercise, but could never replace exercise in the able-bodied, she said, because adrenaline and interleukin-6 are not the only mechanisms by which exercise helps the body fight cancer and maintain health.

Don't overdo it
Exercise also decreases levels of chronic inflammation in the body, thereby removing one of the major risk factors for cancer, heart disease and many other chronic conditions. Exercise may also help regulate cell replication. And when paired with a healthy diet, it also contributes to weight loss, which can also reduce cancer risk.

Another recent study, published in the journal Oncogene, found that exercise boosted mice's levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine and led to tumor shrinking. When the action of dopamine was blocked, the tumors stopped shrinking.

Notably, this benefit was seen only in mice engaging in moderate exercise. Mice engaged in excessive exercise became fatigued, and their bodies' defenses weakened. The benefits of exercise and dopamine vanished.

According to Liam Bourke of Sheffield Hallam University, who is leading a new study into whether exercise can delay cancer growth in humans, the evidence so far supports gentle rather than vigorous exercise.
"You don't have to be an athlete to get the benefits," Bourke said.
If you're looking for a protein powder to support your own workout routine, consider Heritage Whey protein from the Natural News Store. This hormone-free, non-GMO whey protein has been tested for cleanness and purity. It is fortified with tapioca fiber to provide a sugary taste without sweeteners, and contains prebiotic fiber to support healthy digestion.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Taka Update June 27, 2016

   Taka Update June 27, 2016
Fish and More
Tuna is good one. I received Ecuador big eye tuna on Friday. And I am aging now. I sold some on Saturday. But Monday taste is better and Tuesday is also better.
Uni is Japanese only, it is small but sweet taste. Canadian uni season starts very soon. I believe the ocean temperature in Canada is still cold and it is good for uni.
I normally reduce buying fish this week but I just go as usual. Tuesday is Japanese fish delivery, and Thursday is also same.
Live scallop is not coming on Monday. It might be Tuesday.
Shiso leaf is from house. It grows in my garden and I pick it every 2 days. This is 100% organic. Shiso leaf is very strong and no fertilizer need. I just give water every 2 days. Beside shiso leaf, I make jalapeno and just start harvest. And myoga ginger is coming soon. This fresh ginger sprout is amazingly matches with fish.
July 4th is coming. We will be closed as usual. I just come to the restaurant and clean up some. I saw small spider web already. Light shade is getting un clear. So many things to do. It’s my baby and need to take care well.

Inside of Restaurant
Labor issue is almost gone. I hired 3 people. One of part timer sushi chef became full time. I can reduce my job. 3 of new people are great so far. And I have a bartender now and we can make more cocktails. They are still under training and takes 2 weeks to become servers. I was facing crisis of lunch staff. But this is fine now. We have enough staff after school start.

Summer Specials
GA summer is really hot and humid. I cannot use patio even at night. We need to have lower temperature to serve sushi and sashimi. We only sell sushi below 80F outside.
We are serving Sangria for this hot summer. We have red and white with many kinds of fruits and I add shiso leaf, it gives sangria good flavor. And shiso leaf is healthy.
 Gazpacho is also available. My gazpacho is really special. Fresh vegetables and  I add beets
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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Taka Update June 14, 2016

   Taka Update June 14, 2016
Fish and More
Believe or not, fish price is going up. Tuna is OK and cannot get good one. And the price is 10% higher than before. Calamari is getting short. Our supplier said, “ If we have inventory, just buy more otherwise we don’t know next shipping. “  I read some articles about this. China is a big factor of this food shortage and price up. The demand of fish in china is huge. And there are 30 million fishermen in China. They go to all over the world to catch fish. There is no rule. They break rules. They catch all of them from baby to adult fish.
And another story is global warming is going on inside of the ocean. California uni is gone for a while. It is because of global warming. I wrote this before. Uni eat seaweed, kelp. And seaweed and kelp grow under cold temperature. Sea temperature is high in Sanra Barbara area recently and there is no food for uni. Uni is there but uni cannot grow. This is really sad thing. So, we get uni from Japan recently. And Maine uni season is over. We tried Chilean uni but it was bad quality.
Today is Tuesday and we can get Fukuoka fish market from Japan. Kinme-Dai, Aka-Mutsu, Aji, Hamachi are coming.
I feel I cannot get good tuna for a while. I opened a new location for 3 weeks. There was no good tuna at all. This is also sad.

We opened the place on May 23 and passed 3 weeks. Business is not bad. And Friday and Saturday are very busy. Please make reservation. We could not take walk-in customers  until 8:30pm last Saturday.
We are facing short of staff. We don’t have enough servers now. We might close lunch after school start in August. This is really bad but no choice so far. I ony have 2 hands and 2 feet. I cannot do everything by myself.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2016

We are opened!

We start our business on May 23 Monday.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Taka Update May 06, 2016

   Taka Update May 06, 2016

 We will open soon.

We are looking for May 23rd. Monday. Thank you for waiting a long time. I said it in April. So May is not bad at all.

4600 Roswell Rd. Suite E110, Sandy Springs GA 30342, It is at Windsor Pkwy. Gateway Sandy Springs Shopping Center. I will inform more later.

 Temporary Location

We are at3145 Peachtree Rd. Suite 101. We will be closed this location by May 14 Saturday. We close the place but Café At Pharr is opened as usual.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

New Taka Update

It is May. 23 days more, I think.
Painting and kitchen floor is done. We bring kitchen equipment this week.